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Tuesday February 28, 2006 7:27 pm

Dancing With The Stars’ Master P Faces Felony Conviction

Master PRapper and reality television star Master P has been charged with a felony for carrying an unregistered gun. Master P’s attempts to reduce the charge to a misdemeanor failed.

In a video on TMZ.com, Master P sits in court sporting a camouflage jacket listening to officer Ethan Shear testify how he pulled a gun on the brothers after spying two handguns in the car they were driving. One revolver was seen underneath the seat of the driver, Vyshonn Miller, while the other was on the passenger seat, where Master P was sitting.

“[Master P] was not cooperating,” says the officer. “He was continually looking out, looking back at us to see where we were at, which is a common thing for a suspect to do before they flee, so we were concerned about that.

“I ordered him out of the car several times. He finally opened the door but then began reaching back into the car towards the center console area. Several officers yelled for him to put his hands up. On the front passenger seat was the blue steel semiautomatic handgun.”

What do you think? Do celebrities have a responsibility to set a better example? Why do they often receive special treatment? Should Master P be treated the same as anyone else would be?

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