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Friday December 19, 2008 3:37 pm

Casting Corner: 30 Rock, Heroes, Samantha Who and More

Billy ZaneMichael Weston

Here’s a quick look at some of the casting announcements made recently:

Ugly Betty: Betty may never change her style, but she’ll always have new love interest. EW reports that actor Daniel Eric Gold (Definitely, Maybe) will be the latest man to enter Suarez’s life. The intelligent fellow will be one of her classmates in her new YETI program. Unfortunately, Gold - who is currently listed as a recurring player - will also come with a “secret.” (I believe that’s a show prerequisite.)

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Samantha Who?: One of Samantha’s old flames will be returning to the picture, but he won’t be the same guy we remembered him to be. Although the producers wanted to bring back Winston Funk - the firm co-owner who once proposed to her - the actor who previously played him (Timothy Olyphant) was busy with a new gig. Welcome, Billy Zane. The Titanic star will make his appearance in the show’s 15th episode.

90210: West Beverly will be adding yet another student into the mix. According to People, Matt Lantner (Heroes) will start “shaking things up.” And, of course, he’ll have his sights set on Naomi.

CSI: Sounds like Laurence Fishburne will have enough to keep him busy. Actor Michael Weston (Six Feet Under) - a.k.a. the guy who plays a creepy character on practically every show he’s ever been on - will guest on the CBS hit as a man with multiple aliases. Unfortunately, “psycho killer” just happens to be one of them. Weston should hit the scene in March.

ER: Here’s hoping Sam has a happy home life by the time this series ends. Just recently, her son was involved in a bad car accident. Now her sister (The Riches’ Shannon Woodward) is going to pop into town. And, of course, she comes with bad news. Apparently it’s now Sam’s turn to watch their ailing mommy. (That would be the woman who kicked her daughter out when she became pregnant.) Gotta love family.

Heroes: SPOILER ALERT. Looks like Sylar will finally find out who is real daddy is after all. John Glover - the guy who also played Lex Luthor’s dad on Smallville - will eventually arrive on scene later in the next chapter. According to an EW source, “When Sylar meets his father, he’s going to see a path ahead of him that he doesn’t want to take.” Apparently head slicing is as far as he’d like to go.

Grey’s Anatomy: Blondes apparently have a thing for Callie Torres. Although she was recently dumped by Erica Hahn, George’s ex has had several flirty moments with newbie Sadie. Now Torres will have another close encounter with a female doc. Dr. Arizona Robbins (played by Jessica Capshaw) will have a brief visit at Seattle Grace while she consults with Dr. Bailey on a case. During her stay, Arizona and Callie will share at least one kiss. (Anything’s better than the Izzie-Denny storyline, right?)

30 Rock: What was once rumored has now, thankfully, come true. Mad Men‘s Jon Hamm will appear on at least three episodes of the comedy as love interest for Tina Fey. Hamm will play a doctor who lives in Lemon’s building. (Why am I having a steamy Sex and the City flashback right now?)



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