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Tuesday November 1, 2005 7:47 pm

But Can They Sing?: NO

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But Can They Sing?For those of you who thought But Can They Sing? would be a sufficient diversion until the return of Dancing With The Stars – you were wrong.  And we were wrong.  I know I said in my previous entry that I would be “so all over that,” and I was.  And I am.  I’m sooo all over that.

Both shows have lower rung entertainers stepping out of their elements while trying to revive their careers, but the similarities end there.  I had high hopes for the show from the first time I heard about it—but in hindsight, I should have known better.  Why should you not watch?  Let us present our case:

What should have been my first tip-off:  Bai Ling.  For some reason that woman has always scared me, and always will.

Secondly:  DWTS brought us something that we hadn’t really seen before – ballroom dancing. Yes, we did see it in Dirty Dancing, but that was a while ago and no one has replaced Patrick Swayze since. Singing, on the other hand, is not a new concept for today’s viewers.

Third:  It was much harder to tell in DWTS whether or not a team had screwed up.  There were many times when judges ripped apart performances which we thought were flawless.  What did our unskilled eyes know?  BCTS doesn’t have that handicap.  It’s pretty hard to disguise an out-of-tune singer.  When model Kim Alexis massacres every single note from the get-go, that’s pretty darn obvious.  Thanks to American Idol, we’ve all seen how people should sing by now.

Fourth:  While DWTS brings back class, BCTS brings back a drunken night of bad karaoke.

Fifth:  The nice bodies of DWTS were easy on the eyes.  The singing on BCTS just makes you wince.

Last, but not least:  DTWS had colorful judges who gave you their ruthless opinions.  BCTS gives us judges who say, “Some of the notes were off, but overall it was a great performance.”  Helloooo—did they even bother to take out their earplugs?  Even Paula Abdul would have taken them down for crap like that!

Please let me spare you from wasting your time.  Grey’s Anatomy is a far better way of spending your Sunday nights @ 10pm. Face it —there is such a thing as good people doing bad karaoke.  Then there’s just bad people doing karaoke.

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