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Jonah HillJonah Hill admits he was "disgusting" to use a homophobic slur.

The 22 Jump Street actor was caught on camera lashing out at a photographer over the weekend but has now apologized for his actions.

In the footage, published on website TMZ earlier today, the actor ignored photographers as he walked through Los Angeles and initially didn't respond when one paparazzo said, "I like the shorts though, bro. They are pretty sexy." Shortly afterwards, he could be heard saying, "Suck my d**k, you f****t."

The 30-year-old star appeared on Howard Stern's radio show soon after the footage was made public to explain his actions. "This is a heartbreaking situation for me... I'm upset... From the day I was born, and publicly, I've been a gay rights activist... This person had been following me around all day saying hurtful things. I played into exactly what he wanted and I said a disgusting word... It's bulls**t and I shouldn't have said that. I'm happy to take the heat for using this disgusting word," he said.

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Cheryl Cole and Simon CowellSimon Cowell thinks Cheryl Cole shouldn't complain about the paparazzi.

The media mogul - who sensationally sacked the British singer from the US version of The X Factor after she had worked on just four auditions - does not believe the "Call My Name" star should get upset about public scrutiny because she is rich and famous.

"Cheryl has to accept the fact that if you are popular and you are cute, you are going to get photographed. Look, if someone had said to Cheryl when she was auditioning for [TV show] Popstars: The Rivals, 'By the way, the downside is that you're going to be a millionaire, you're going to be one of the most famous people in the world, but guess what, you're going to have your picture taken,' you think Cheryl would have said, 'Oh, I don't think I'll go through it then'? I mean, come on, I don't think so," he told GQ.

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TMZ managed to unearth Paula Abdul’s Valentine’s Day 911 call, in which you can hear the singer arguing with her current boyfriend. "I want out of this car, and he won't let me," she sobbed to the dispatcher. Listen to the call in the video above.

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Nicolas Cage can be seen in the video above unleashing a torrent of curse words at bystanders outside a Romanian nightclub (the expletives have been bleeped out).

In the video, the actor screams “Get in that car and walk away,” to someone -- along with lots of other things.

Cage is on location filming the follow-up film to Ghost Rider, and this is the second video of him screaming at people in public that’s come out this week. His reps have not yet commented on this story.

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Although we have seen far too many celebrities ruin their careers with drugs and/or alcohol, there are a few who manage to turn their lives around. is one of the best examples we have today.

Unfortunately for Robert, this achievement means he has become Hollywood’s go-to spokesperson (outside of Dr. Drew) for substance abuse – whether he wants to be or not. Luckily, Downey knows how to handle those sensitive inquiries with class.

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Sir Elton John knows how to deal with fame, and he’s happy to share his knowledge with other young stars. But will Lindsay Lohan listen to his message?

During a routine paparazzi chat, John decided to take on Lindsay’s problems - and came up with some workable solutions. His first piece of advice? To stop spending so much time listening to her family.

Watch the video to hear his entire message to the former movie star

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played it pretty cool on the streets of LA yesterday, despite being followed by paparazzi as he tried to take his daughter out to lunch.

Arquette was very quiet as paps shouted comments toward him, somberly answering that he and Courteney Cox are “best friends” when asked about how he’s doing. You can see him in the video above. The newly-separated Arquette also recently , where he was much more talkative.

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“I’m taking responsibility for my actions in the whole thing. It was a freak accident,” these were the words of photog Carol Williams, the unfortunate victim in a hit-and-run accident involving heiress Paris Hilton and her current man toy Cy Waits. “My foot was in the wrong place at the wrong time,” Williams said.

The photog’s foot was run over in the paparazzi rush to snap , who was enjoying an evening out of the town with her boyfriend. Williams says she was around the corner taking pictures of Nicky Hilton when her colleagues began to swarm Paris.

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Lindsay Lohan is no stranger to bad publicity. The Razzie-winning actress famously failed two drug tests, was recently and can’t keep her family problems out of the press. What’s the best way to counteract all the big, ugly headlines? How about with a few much nicer-sounding ones?

On the heels of her latest release from LA County, Linds has announced that she will be returning to rehab. Sources say she will “do more” treatment than what she was ordered to do recently (when her court-ordered rehab stint was cut short because she made such a huge improvement … remember?). In the meantime, Lohan is back to wearing an alcohol-monitoring SCRAM bracelet. Hmm…do they make a ?

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Lindsay Lohan’s once-and-again lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley recently spoke with paparazzi while walking to her car after visiting the actress in jail. She says Linds is “a little upset right now” over the judge’s rehab ruling, a sentence which will be invoked once Lohan is released from jail.

Judge Revel ruled that Linds will begin a stay in rehab once she’s sprung from the pokey. But now that she’s had some time alone Lohan isn’t at all happy with the sentence. Holley says Lohan wants to spend time with her family after being released from jail, not go straight to rehab.

And we all know the Lohan family environment is extremely therapeutic indeed, surely the best thing for a girl who’s in jail for violating the terms of her probation after being hooked up to an alcohol monitoring bracelet at the age of 24. Lindsay’s family is just what she needs right now - not the safe, controlled environment of rehab. Sheesh.

of Holley’s walk through the parking lot.

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