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Rihanna and AdeleRihanna gave Adele a cake shaped like breasts to celebrate her 24th birthday.

The "We Found Love" hitmaker sent the sponge cake with pink icing and strategically placed iced gems to Adele's north London home on Saturday with a cheeky message featuring a topless picture of herself, which she then tweeted. "Happy Birthday to my lover Adele," she wrote. "To Adele Laurie Blue Adkins, the baddest bitch around. Have the best freaking Bday. Cake cake cake xxx (sic)" she added.

Adele enjoyed low-key birthday celebrations with friends and her boyfriend Simon Konecki, where guests were asked to bring a box of wine each.

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Kourtney KardashianKourtney Kardashian suffered a claustrophobia attack as she arrived at Los Angeles International Airport.

The reality TV star - who is currently pregnant with her second child - started to get anxious while she was going through customs at LAX and had to take deep breaths to calm her down.

"Wow claustrophobia attack in customs at the airport. Not fun. Ahhhhh deep breath! (sic)" she wrote on her Twitter. However, Kourtney - who has two-year-old son Mason with her partner Scott Disick - soon recovered and celebrated her 33rd birthday yesterday with a takeaway burger.

"Just had IN N OUT for the first time! Can u believe it?! I asked @ScottDisick to get it for me tonight for a relaxing birthday din din. Yum. (sic)" she wrote. She also thanked everyone for their well wishes on her special day, saying, "Thank you all so much for the birthday wishes! Love u all so much! (sic)"

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Paris Hilton and boyfriend Doug ReinhardtParty extraordinaire Paris Hilton jumped out of a cake at her boyfriend’s birthday.

The blonde socialite threw the surprise party for Doug Reinhardt at her Beverly Hills mansion last Saturday and wore a sexy hot pink outfit and a black diamond mask as she burst out of the giant-sized sweet treat.

A source revealed, “Paris went all out for her man’s birthday. No expense was spared. He had no idea about the party and was so happy.”

Paris was so keen to impress The Hills star, whom she reunited with in the summer when he whisked her away on a romantic break to Fiji, she organized for rap group Three 6 Mafia and hip-hop star Ya Boy to perform for partygoers.

Guests including Hollywood beauties Hayden Panettiere and Kristanna Loken, partied until 3am at the nightclub Paris has built in her home, while home videos of the couple were screened throughout the mansion.

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Christian Slater actually enjoyed reaching the big 4-0. The star of ABC’s The Forgotton never thought he’d make it to the landmark age when he was a Hollywood hellraiser in his twenties.

“I just hit 40, so what more can I say? I mean, the fact that I’m 40 is a miracle. I’m on the other side now,” he said. “I feel like I’ve hit a certain milestone and I’m going onward and upward. If I were looking back, I would say to myself during the tough times, ‘If you can make it to 40, nothing in the past can prevent you from being present today.’ There’s a great author who said, ‘We don’t live life, life kind of lives us.’ I’ve been out of control. But if I hadn’t been, I wouldn’t know how to be in control.”

Christian had numerous run-ins with the law in his younger days, including being arrested for criminal possession of a weapon at a New York airport in 1994, but he insists he has now put his past behind him. He even went back to finish high school.

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Rumer Willis on her 21st in Las VegasRumer Willis was thrilled to turn 21 because it meant she could gamble.

The baking buff and Sorority Row actress celebrated her landmark birthday on August 21 with a party in Las Vegas so she could lay down some bets.

She explained to website Dark Horizons, “It was wonderful. I got to gamble. I played blackjack my first night, and I won a little money, so that was really fun. But other than that, not really that much has changed.”

Rumer spent the evening at the city’s Tau restaurant and nightclub, where she was joined by 55 friends and family, including her parents Bruce Willis and Demi Moore.

“To be in Vegas on your 21st birthday, could you ask for anything better? You get to be in the center of all the things that you get to try out when you’re 21.”

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Renee Zellweger doesn't let age worry herRenee Zellweger insists turning 40 hasn’t affected her career.

The My One and Only star, who celebrated the landmark birthday in April, believes that her quirky appearance will always land her roles, regardless of her age.

Asked if she had noticed more exciting parts drying up, she said, “It’s so hard to comment because I don’t see it. I don’t know. I’m so spoiled with respect to the experiences I’ve had and the opportunities I’ve had that I don’t see it. I’ve never been that girl who is dependent on how fabulous my hair is or my stature or that I look good in order to work. So I don’t really think about it in those terms.”

The actress insists the only bad thing about turning 40 is that people are expecting her to feel differently about life: “I’m so sad that everyone keeps pointing to this birthday, ‘You had this birthday, how do you feel now?’ I’m thinking, ‘I feel nothing different.’”

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Bruce Willis and new wife are out apartment hunting

Bruce Willis is set to buy a multi-million dollar apartment. The actor and his model wife Emma Heming have been seen viewing Los Angeles’ exclusive Carlyle Residences, a 24-story building featuring properties priced between $2.9 and $15 million.

The couple are believed to have been looking at a three-bedroom, four-bathroom property—equipped with gym, library, dining room and wine cellar—which costs around $5.1 million. Following the viewing, Bruce and Emma traveled to Las Vegas to celebrate his daughter Rumer’s 21st birthday.

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Jennifer Love Hewitt

In what is truly one of the strangest publicity stunts I’ve seen, actress re-created a famous movie scene once acted out by a screen legend. Taking a stroll down the streets of New York City on her thirtieth birthday, Hewitt wore a long black gown, diamond gems and big black sunglasses.



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David ArchuletaFor several weeks, the teen and tween girls all over America carried on a TV love affair with baby-faced . The American Idol crooner swept in and stole hearts using nothing more than an “Aw, shucks” modesty and sweet smile.

Oh, yeah…and he’s got an exceptional singing voice. The women who adore him have to wait no more: David Archuleta, runner-up, has finally turned eighteen.

He can vote, he can do movies and TV without parental or guardian supervision…and he can legally marry or date anyone he pleases. The soft-spoken singer has been appearing on television a lot recently, cropping up for Christmas specials and other events. There is no doubt in my mind that he’ll also make an appearance on American Idol’s upcoming Season 8. His overwhelming popularity last year and newfound independence all but guarantee another performance on the big stage.

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Miley Cyrus at Disneyland

She might not be old enough to get a sponsored bash in Las Vegas, but she’ll certainly be old enough to take your money.

For ’ upcoming birthday, the teen star will be celebrating at the place responsible for her career: The Land of Disney. On October 5, the soon-to-be Sweet 16-er (whose actual birthday is November 23) will take over Disneyland in California…and she’s allowing paying ‘friends’ to join her.

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