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Wednesday January 30, 2008 5:40 pm

Sean Young Scores a Role in Rehab

Sean Young Drunk

, the actress from 1982’s and 1987’s , has admitted herself into rehab after embarrassing herself over the weekend.  This incident came shortly after an Entertainment Weekly interview in which she declared she was a “comeback waiting to happen.”  Uhhh, it looks like she might be waiting a little bit longer now.

During a ceremony for the awards, the drunken D-lister made a complete ass of herself and interrupted the proceedings with her obnoxious behavior.  According to reports, she spoke rudely in French to and chose to sing a few bars while was performing.  All that led to her climactic outburst during ‘s (The Diving Bell and the Butterfly) turn at the podium. 

The director - who was a little slow getting started - was disrespectively urged by the lush to ‘get on with it’.  After telling Young to “have another cocktail”, he attempted to go forward.  Unfortunately, the frustrated Schnabel found it difficult to maintain his composure and later told Sean to go ahead and finish his speech.  Upset that he was going to cut his time short, the audience yelled and encouraged him to stay.  It was at this time the party crasher was kicked out of the hotel.  (For a view of the interrupted speech, check out the video after the jump.)

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Perez Hilton

The actress who claimed ‘she could have been Julia Roberts’ unfortunately became a Hollywood joke long before this weekend’s incident.  To pinpoint the exact moment she earned that title is actually not that easy.  Was it the stormy relationship between her and James Woods that made her look like a psycho?  (For the record - she denies leaving a disfigured doll on his doorstep.)  Was it when she dressed up like Catwoman to try and get the part in ?  Was it when she crashed the 2006 Vanity Fair party?

Whatever the reason - I would like to go on the record and say that despite the craziness, I did once enjoy her work.  I really don’t know anyone who could have played ‘s she-male any better.



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