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Monday January 28, 2008 12:30 pm

New Kids on the Block Reunited

New Kids on the BlockWhat seemed like an impossibility four years ago has now just come true: the New Kids are getting back together!

Although failed to reunite Joey, Jon, Jordan, Danny and Donnie back in 2004, People is reporting that there has apparently been a change of heart.  (Or maybe simply a change in their pocketbooks.)  It’s believed the official website - which has had some recent activity - will post some significant news with the next few weeks.  Will it be just a one-time deal…like a performance?  Or will it be an actual comeback attempt?  Who knows?  The girl who once saw them perform at a local fairground doesn’t care.  She just wants to get on the floor and do the New Kids Dance!

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and have proven that comebacks are not always easy - and I don’t believe that NKOTB will necessarily be the exception.  (Seriously.  is like pushing 40.)  But having seen fabulous work on back in 2006, I have hope.  And let’s not forget impressive choreography in his ‘Give It To You’ video.  At least we know two of the boys still have their moves.  (Their falsettos are, of course, another story.)

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Thay should change their name of the group because their not kids any more but glad to hear that their coming back driving the girls crazy all over again.


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