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Friday June 17, 2005 4:28 am

How To Pitch An Idea

Posted by Andru Edwards Categories: Productivity,

As a businessman, CEO, or entrepreneur, one thing that people will tell you that you need to know is the art of being shrewd. Others will say it’s all about hustle. While these factors are important, I actually think that the art of getting people to buy into your ideas is huge. You may need to convince a vendor or business partner to buy into an idea that you know is a stretch, but will work. You may need to simply negotiate rates for a service you would like to use. No matter what it is, it is good to know how to get your point across in the greatest way possible. This article gives great insight into not only how to time your pitch right, but how you need to personally prepare for these moments and do the research.

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Excellent advice. I’m preparing to give a talk, which is admittedly different from pitching an idea, but shares a lot of similarities and I found a lot of useful pieces in here.I read all about how to pitch what ever a person has to pitch. How to pitch a book that you believe in. Well first of all think about your book is it a book that someone would read. Will it keep a reader reading, and interested to a point they don’t want to put it down.
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