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Sunday May 8, 2005 6:35 pm

Determine What’s Missing

Posted by Andru Edwards Categories: Planning,

One of the main stumbling blocks of anyone looking to get into the online business game is a lack of motivation to do so. After all, the Internet seems to have everything that one needs, be it e-commerce storefronts or informational services. While this may be the case, the Internet is a virtual hotbed for business growth. Newspaper readership is dropping, as people continue to migrate to online services to find their information in a quick and concise format. With broadband acceptance growing exponentially each year, the time is now to capitalize on the market. One thing you cannot count on is that those surfing the web will immediately be willing to patronize your online presence unless you are able to pinpoint and establish a service or product with which one can identify as a resource which they have been missing. Come up with a unique idea, do a bit of market research, and then brainstorm on how you can bring something to the table that will meet a need.

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