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Thursday October 26, 2006 12:58 pm

Blog Business Summit: What’s Next In Online Communication?

Jeremy Pepper, Jeanette Gibson, and John Starweather

How does Cisco manage relationships with End Users when there is a reseller middle man?

By providing them a unique way to interact with the company online. They can log in and get a personalized view, along with interactivity.

Can they talk about steps they are taking to educate employees internally about the potential for engagement, so that they understand the impact of blogs, podcasting, etc.?

To educate, you need to have some good data so that you can show how influence really moves across the Internet, and how something you might post online actually reaches customers and hits the community. Cisco puts a blog, podcasting, and news section on their Intranet system, so global employees can all get to that information easily.

Can you define Web 2.0 and Real Life vs. Second Life?

Second Life is a Linden Labs program, just hit a million members last week. Second Life is a life inside of the software, and in second life you can be whoever you want. It is a real community, and people who are similar stick together. There are community events, such as the American Cancer Society having a Cancer Walk and raising a real $40,000 USD. Skipped answering the Web 2.0 question.

Regarding cellphones:

Important note - if you are running a blog, start thinking about formatting a version for small screens like cell phones. That is where the future is going.

Cisco is looking into ways on making your phone a more centralized device. For example, if you go to a ball game, you scan your phone to get in.

As blogging evolves, traditional sites evolve as well. When working in a blog, how do maintain that traditional, familiar voice?

It is a struggle, but the goal is to have everything be complimentary.Cisco is still focusing on finding what messages they are sending to a broad audience, and then which needs to be targeted to a more specific audience.



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