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TV on DVD: September 21, 2010

How I Met Your Mother Season 5 DVDHere are some of the options available this Tuesday:

  • 30 Rock (Season 4)
  • Being Human (Season 2)
  • Bored to Death (Season 1)
  • Castle (Season 2)
  • Community (Season 1)
  • Desperate Housewives (Season 6)
  • Dragon Ball GT (Complete Series)
  • The Hills (Season 6)
  • How I Met Your Mother (Season 5)
  • Human Target (Season 1)
  • Law & Order: SVU (Season 11)
  • The Mentalist (Season 2)
  • Modern Family (Season 1)
  • Mythbusters (Collection 6)
  • Spartacus: Blood and Sand (Season 1)
  • Two and a Half Men (Season 7)

Make sure to also check out the DVD and Blu-ray film options for this week.

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VIDEO: Spencer Pratt Crashes Hills Party

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Spencer Pratt did not get an invite to MTV’s big finale, but that didn’t stop him from showing up at the party anyway. While other cast members walked the red carpet, Pratt was across the street wearing a fake gray wig and beard.

claims credit for advising Pratt to wear a disguise to the event. The above video shows Hilton’s interview of the reality TV celeb.

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Preview The Hills’ Final Season

“If I’ve learned one thing, it’s ‘Like everybody and trust no one’” - a sentence that could have been said by anyone on , or by someone simply watching it.

Although MTV’s reality series will (finally) come to an end this year, it will do so with a ton-o-drama. What’s in store for Season 6? “Heidi 3.0” finally meets


her parents; Audrina finds herself drawn to Ryan Cabrera’s excuse for a hairstyle; Kristin is accused of being a drug user; Brody finds a new woman he hasn’t already dated; Spencer gets emotional; and the “D” word is actually uttered.

The Hills kicks off its final round on April 27.

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TV Talk: Bob Guiney Gets the Ladies, True Blood Returns in June

Bob Guiney-Who says nice guys finish last? It was revealed in a recent Bachelor special that Bob Guiney got the most play during his run on the show. “I think he was 5 1/2 women,” executive producer Mike Fleiss claimed.

-Ted Koppel wasn’t interested in hosting This Week, but how about Christiane Amanpour? According to a report, the CNN reporter is currently weighing an offer made by ABC.

-Comcast is going all out for Tiger Woods’ long-awaited return to golf. For the first time, the Masters will be offered in 3D on a designated channel and online.

-It’s now time to put Season 2 of True Blood in your Netflix queue. HBO has just announced the hit series will return for Season 3 on June 13.

-Couldn’t they just ban him for life? An insider claims Spencer Pratt has been banned from The Hills’ set for six weeks after threatening a producer. He’ll reportedly undergo anger management training.

Heidi and Spencer Still Want More

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Heidi and Spencer Pratt stars Heidi and Spencer Pratt recently announced that they’d like to do their own reality show, one which focuses on them alone. They’re currently shopping the idea around to see if any networks are interested. The pair previously appeared on I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here. They left that series early - multiple times.

“You don’t get to see our everyday lives and what we do,” Heidi said, explaining why their current reality situation just won’t do. However, the two don’t plan on leaving The Hills - they want both. So far, MTV has declined to comment.

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VIDEO: Preview Season 5 of The Hills

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Apparently I didn’t need to watch Laguna Beach to know that I’m not a Kristin Cavallari fan. (That said - I’m also not a Lo fan, a Stephanie fan, a Brody fan…)

Based on this preview, I now know everything I need to about the upcoming season of : Justin Bobby had his cowboy hat stolen by Spencer Pratt, Kristin (Lauren’s replacement) is kinda like herpes and Heidi Montag will not be a mother anytime soon (thank goodness).

If you feel compelled to find out more, tune in to MTV on Tuesday, September 29th.

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Finale: I’m A Celebrity Gets Out of Here

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As the final three celebrities waited to hear the results, the finale of proceeded…with a ton of clips.

Out of thirteen who came to Costa Rica, only John Salley, Lou Diamond Phillips and remain. This outcome was determined at Tuesday’s elimination, which saw the end of Sanjaya Malakar and Patti Blagojevich in the competition. At intervals during the finale, live cameras showed this group of three sitting around the fire, silently waiting for whatever would come next.

For this season ender, the competitors of the season - minus Frangela - returned or remained in Costa Rica to gather for the cameras. “I been callin’ every day, trying to get back in,” told the hosts.

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I’m A Celebrity Narrows Down a Final Three

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Thirteen celebrities were deposited in Costa Rica. By the end of Tuesday’s episode of , only three would go on to compete to win the show - and a slew of money for their charities. With five remaining and two slated for departure, emotions were running high among the campers.

“It’s been a great time,” told the camera, though spirits were low with the end in sight - and elimination still looming in the future.

Celebs shared favorite moments around the campfire as clips played for our amusement, reminding us of the funny, tense and surprising events that have happened during this season. Some have made friends, some have made enemies, some have learned just how far they can push themselves, and others learned they can’t push themselves at all. But only one of them will win.

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Could it Be? Speidi Flying to Costa Rica

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After publicly bashing NBC and expressing relief to be free from their commitment to , Speidi might actually be going back! Oh no, not the Pratts…again.

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Speidi’s Back in LA

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captured video of Heidi and Spencer Pratt arriving in LA after their stint in Costa Rica. The couple were part of the cast of I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here, a show they left several times before they finally chose to leave for good.

Now that they’re back to their lavish lifestyles, Speidi is singing a different tune. They no longer seem angry at NBC and they are denying that they ever cried “torture” against the network in the first place. “I love NBC. I was never suing NBC,” Spencer told that paps as he made his way through the airport. “I guess since you sign a waiver…it’s not called torture.” Or some smart lawyer patiently explained to the newlyweds that they absolutely don’t have a case against the show.

The pair further soaked up the spotlight by appearing on , where they were questioned by Al Roker. He valiantly tried to get real answers out of the couple before finally putting an end to the entire Q and A (view the video above).

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