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Rehab’s Steven Adler Ordered Back to Rehab

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DescriptionDespite his recent graduation from (the Season 2 finale aired on Thursday night) and participation in a Sober Living environment (the VH1 spinoff, Sober House, premieres next month), rocker Steven Adler can’t seem to catch a break.

Yesterday the former Guns N’ Roses drummer was ordered by an LA court commissioner to enter yet another rehab facility. The sentence stemmed from an incident back in July of this year. At that time the 43-year-old was arrested for drug possession and for being under the influence of drugs. He was also wanted for an outstanding warrant. By entering a new treatment program, Adler is spared any jail time.

Ironically, Steven was unable to attend his original court date last week because he was still wrapping up his stay at Sober House. He completed his stint just prior to Friday’s appearance.

Celebrity Rehab Presents Sober House - also featuring Rodney King, Nikki McKibbin, Amber Smith, Seth Binzer and Mary Carey and - debuts Thursday, January 15 @ 10:00.

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Celebrity Relapse

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<a href="http://www.vh1.com/shows/dyn/Celebrity_rehab_2_with_dr_drew/series_videos.jhtml" target="_blank">Shifty on the Roof</a>

The patients participating in VH1’s took a tough dose of reality in two recent episodes, wherein a former patient returned to rehab to smoke crack and create a ruckus on the roof. As the celebs looked on, Seth “Shifty” Binzer scrambled around on top of the treatment center, swallowing Ecstasy, smoking crack and looking completely strung out.

Finally, , with the aid of his staff, was able to get Seth down and into the center. The Crazy Town rocker remained contentious, but eventually quieted down. Shifty’s re-appearance at the PRC (Pasadena Recovery Center) became a stark reminder to current cast members of the show. His crack-smoking and roof-hopping spoke more eloquently than Dr. Drew ever has on the dangers of relapse and the mindset of addicts.

It was also a little disheartening to fans of the show, who rooted for Shifty’s success during his first season stint on the series. The Celebrity Rehab spin-off, Sober Living, began filming with Binzer in the cast. The musician , however, and eventually winded up in a hotel room on a drug binge. Dr. Drew tried to talk him down from the ledge, so to speak, but Seth binged some more before finally arriving on top of the facility. TMZ reported the rocker missing in late July. Andy Dick is reported to be among the show’s cast.

Celebrity Rehab: Sober Living is scheduled to premiere next month.

Drama at Sober Living

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Seth BinzerAndy Dick's mugshot

Although the show hasn’t finished filming yet, VH1’s already promises to be an interesting watch.

Last month, we told you about the cable channel’s plans to produce a spinoff of Celebrity Rehab. On the new program, several recovering addicts would live in the same home while trying to get their lives back together. Unfortunately, we’ve already learned of one guest who has experienced a setback. We’ve also heard rumors of a guest who probably hasn’t been rehabbed yet.

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Sober Living: Possible Celebrity Rehab Spinoff?

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Celebrity Rehab

It’s one thing to get clean, it’s another thing to stay clean.

According to the New York Post, VH1 could soon be inviting more controversy to its channel. The network - which just wrapped filming on its second season of - may begin production on a spinoff as soon as next week.

If the rumored project is given the greenlight, we could see several of Dr. Drew Pinsky’s former patients reunited Real World style. In Sober Living, the recovering addicts would live in one home for 30 days while trying to piece their lives and careers back together. (Could this be why Dr. Drew had a ‘Celebrity Addiction’ special recently? Probably.) Those supposedly approached for the new series include Seth “Shifty” Binzer (Season 1), rocker Steven Adler (Season 2) and model Amber Smith (Season 2).

Until then, you can expect the next round of counseling sessions to begin when Celebrity Rehab returns

on August 4

sometime this October.

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