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Kerry Washington Surprised by Her Success

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Kerry Washington on 'Lucky'Kerry Washington thinks her success is a "miracle."

The Scandal star, who is expecting her first child with her NFL star husband of four months, Nnamdi Asomugha, was terrified of becoming famous but she decided to become an actress because she loves telling stories.

"It's a miracle to even work in this industry. I didn't become an actress to be on the cover of magazines. That was always a little scary to me. What I love about acting is the craft of becoming different people and telling a story," the 36-year-old beauty told the December/January issue of Lucky magazine.

Despite being considered one of the most beautiful and fashion savvy women in Hollywood, the New York-born star insists it takes a lot of work to make her look good and she doesn't compare herself to other actresses: "Even for me, I think it's a real danger to compare yourself to someone on a television show. I know that I am not going to look like [Scandal character] Olivia when I wake up and go to the bathroom at 4 o'clock in the morning. On the set, it's somebody's job to follow me around all day with spackle."


Sofia Vergara Named Highest Paid US TV Actress

Sofia VergaraSofia Vergara has been named the highest paid US TV actress for a second year running.

The Modern Family star reportedly earned a whopping $30 million between June 2012 and June 2013, from both her role on the hit sitcom and numerous endorsement deals, which is more than double the income of her closest rival, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit actress Mariska Hargitay. The Colombian beauty is thought to have commanded big bucks from mega-deals with companies including Diet Pepsi and Kmart due to her popularity in Latin America, a growing market in the business world. Sofia, 38, has her own clothing line with supermarket chain Kmart - for which she was paid a staggering $7 million advance - as well as deals with the soft drinks company, furniture chain Rooms to Go, cosmetics brand Covergirl, Comcast, State Farm Insurance and more.

The brunette beauty's $30 million windfall puts her comfortably ahead of Mariska, 49, who earned $11 million over the last year, according to financial magazine Forbes.

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American Idol Denies Fan’s Front Row Claims

As we reported, Ashley Kauffman came forward recently to talk about being moved from her front-row American Idol seat because she was deemed “too heavy.” She talks about her experience to ABC in the video above. Now, the show has responded -- and they’re denying her claims.

Manfred Westphal, spokesman for Fremantle Media (the company that produces Idol), says that Kauffman’s statements are “simply untrue.”

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American Idol Rejects Fan: Too Fat for Front Row

Ashley KauffmanAshley Kauffman, 19, says she was kicked out of the front row of American Idol recently. Two staffers approached her and one said “Oh no, you’re too big, too heavy to be in front!” Kauffman, a college student, and 5 of her girlfriends had received free tickets to the live show from friends who found themselves unable to attend.

Kauffman, excited about her unexpected good fortune, went out shopping to buy a brand-new outfit. “I didn’t think I looked too bad,” she told the Daily Mail UK. Rather than the front-row seats they were ticketed to have, Ashley and two of her friends were moved to the back of the theater.

She weighs around 150 and stands at 5’2”, and while it’s not likely she’ll walk a runway in Milan, Kauffman is by no means obese. She admitted to being hurt by the treatment she received at the show; she’s speaking out because she wants an apology from Idol, and she wants to prevent other women from suffering the same fate.

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Auto-Tune Scandal Unfolds on The X Factor

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The seventh season of Britain’s premiered as recently as August 21, and already it’s the most controversial the series has ever known. The flagship program for its parent network ITV, X Factor has been a reality TV mainstay in the UK - much in the same way that American Idol is a mainstay for the US.

That isn’t the only thing X Factor has in common with the popular US reality series. Like Idol, X Factor is a singing competition where one winner is crowned at the end of the season. Like Idol, X Factor is known for its harshest critic, . But in light of recent events, American reality fans are hoping that’s all that X Factor has in common with Idol.

Singers on the newest season of X Factor have very clearly had their voices altered with Auto-Tune, an audio processor which corrects pitch and helps singers sound perfectly in tune. may also be used to the opposite effect, making singers sound very much out of tune when it is applied incorrectly. Cher made the sound of Auto-Tune famous when she used on her “Believe” single. Other well-known singers to apply the technology include Janet Jackson, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill.

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Hanes Pulls Charlie Sheen Commercials

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Hanes won’t be making any more commercials with anytime soon.

The advertising campaign featuring the actor has ended, which a spokesman for the company says is “pretty standard, straightforward” when “somebody who’s in your commercial is arrested on suspicion of something of this magnitude.” He’s referring of course to the recent domestic disturbance between Sheen and his current wife, a highly-publicized and very messy bit of scandal.

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American Idol: Voting Scandal?

Kris Allen

According to the New York Times, AT&T became a big part of several Kris Allen parties during last week’s finale. Their reports suggest marked voter influencing and support for that camp.

Allegedly, AT&T representatives not only provided free text-messaging services to Allen party attendees, but also taught texters how to power-text. This method of texting allows users to send many messages at once, with a single button. This could make it easier to send out many more votes in favor of one Idol contestant.

In case you somehow missed it, AT&T is a huge American Idol sponsor.

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American Idol: Jason Castro’s Pot Smoking Scandal

American Idol Logo

Even the merest hint of scandal on is enough to whip the media into a frenzy. Such is the case with Jason Castro, dreadlocked crooner who has managed to steal many hearts with his dreamy gaze. And what goes perfectly with rumors and scandals? Photos. Well, really, just one photo will do.

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Why American Idol Let David Hernandez Stay

American Idol, David HernandezYesterday, we told you about the latest controversy surrounding ‘s David Hernandez.  (To summarize quickly:  he was a male stripper/dancer who performed fully nude for mostly male clients.)

Given Idol‘s decision to boot frontrunner Frenchie Davis off the show back in 2003 (after news of her racy lingeries photos leaked out), it was reasonable for people to worry about Hernandez’s fate.  But in an interview with TV Guide, executive producer Ken Warwick made it (surprisingly) clear that the issue was a non-issue.

Here are some choice quotes from that Q&A:

When asked if David Hernandez’s fate would be affected by the revelation:
“No, it won’t make any difference. The truth is, we’re never judgmental about what people do to earn a living. They’ve got to put food in people’s mouths.”

When asked if he knew about David’s past:
“No, I wasn’t. But the truth of the matter is, it wouldn’t have made any difference. “

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American Idol Contestant Has DUI Record

Amanda Overmyer

If you picked Amanda Overmyer to be the first American Idoler with an exposed past - it’s time to cash up.

The National Enquirer has gone to the trouble of unearthing the singer’s checkered history with a lead foot.  The Mulberry, Indiana native had already racked up a string of speeding violations prior to a DUI arrest back in October 2006.  (She once hit 100 in a 45 mph zone.)  The alcohol-related incident earned her a .108 breathalyzer score and six-hour stay in an Indiana jail.  After pleading guilty, TMZ reports the singer received a suspended sentence has since completed her probation.

Making matters worse?  The Enquirer also claims there are nude photos of her out there currently being shopped around.  Awesome!  If you were to add those two items to the 23-year-old’s criminal rendition of “Carry On My Wayward Son” last night, you could say she’s already hit the trifecta.  (You can see that performance after the jump.)

The producers have yet to issue a comment.  (I think they’re hoping the viewers will do them the favor of eliminating her first.)

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