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Watch SNL’s season finale host, Justin Timberlake, warm up his funny bone in the promo above. Cast member Andy Samberg joins him in the commercial, and TMZ reports that the duo will re-team for another musical number that will air on this weekend’s show.

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Aflac DuckAflac has canned Gilbert Gottfried, and now they’re going to need a new voice for their spokesduck. Here’s the exciting part: it could be you.

“There’s a lot of undiscovered talent in the U.S.,” said chief marketing officer Michael Zuna. “We’re considering anyone and everyone. We’re looking for the best voice.”

The company will start accepting submissions on Wednesday. Visit the Duck’s Facebook page or Monster.com to find out how to apply for the gig. But, you’d better hurry -- the submissions deadline is April 1. Live auditions will also be held across the United States.

Aflac is premiering a new commercial on Wednesday that will reveal a new chapter in the life of the currently-voiceless duck. The new voice is scheduled to premiere on April 22.

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ABC's Modern Family offered up another hilarious promo in what is becoming the show's Academy Award tradition. Last year, Modern Family created a commercial of an Oscar night charades party. This year, all the players have returned to enjoy the festitivites again -- but, there's a twist. See the whole thing in the video above; we dare you not to laugh.

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Let’s hope this video of Oscar co-hosts Anne Hathaway and James Franco is a preview of things to come; they’re great together. This funny clip shows some of the outtakes of the two A-listers while they were shooting promos for the awards event, which airs later this month on ABC.

Re-cap the list of Academy Awards nominees before the event airs, and don't forget to follow all our red carpet coverage once the big night is over -- because we've got some awards of our own to give to Hollywood's finest.

Keep checking back to get all our coverage of the 83rd Academy Awards.

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The 2011 Super Bowl was enjoyed by millions and hyped for many weeks on end -- and, it didn’t disappoint. The game was exciting (even if the cheerleaders were lacking), and FOX’s coverage was extremely thorough.

But let’s face it: the sports wasn’t the best part. Super Bowl XLV was jam-packed with advertising, and some spots managed to shine above the rest. We found videos for the top 5 commercials of the Super Bowl to make it easier to watch them again and again. You can, too, after the jump. . .

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Oscar co-hosts Anne Hathaway and James Franco look great together in this brief, but immensely satisfying, promo.

In only 15 seconds, the quick commercial spot pays homage to Oscar frontrunner Black Swan and manages to squeeze plenty of comedy out of a still-infamous Super Bowl moment.

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Millions have seen the Google TV commercial starring Kevin Bacon as his own biggest fan. The ad left many scratching their heads … but, they were probably laughing when they were doing it. So, how does a one-minute ad spot become the stuff of legendary advertising? Take one actor who won’t compromise, some interesting hair and make-up ideas, and you’ve got commercial history.

“I didn’t know how far [Logitech] wanted to go with the look and the character. If it was just me kind of walking around, people would think it was weird,” Kevin Bacon explained. While people still think it’s a little bit weird, most seem to really “get” the ad -- and we’ve got Kevin Bacon to thank.

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Before she was collecting tips in her shoes … before she started resembling the Bride of Chucky … before she started shaking things up on Gossip Girl ... Taylor Momsen was shaking her chicken.

In this 1997 commercial for Shake ‘N Bake, a then 3-year-old star tells the audience that she “shooked and mom cooked.”

Is this child labor the reason why Momsen blames her parents for making her so miserable?

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The upcoming season of may feature a few new judges, but the show's promos are highlighting old faces.

Can't remember where the series has been over the past nine years? The two clips posted will take you on a nice trip down memory lane.

Want to know which singer will join , Ruben Studdard, Fantasia, Carrie Underwood, Taylor Hicks, Jordin Sparks, David Cook, Kris Allen and Lee DeWyze in the Winner's Circle? Make sure to watch when the program returns in January.

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Somewhere in the midst of all the singing and drama on the second season premiere of Glee, appeared in full Sue Sylvester mode, via the new Members Project commercial from American Express.

Wearing her now-compulsory tracksuit, Lynch-as-Sue delivered fabulous one-liners like “What do animals do, except poop on your lawn and make you feel guilty about how delicious they are?” and “Sure, I’ll take a stand…for as long as it takes me to find a comfy chair.”

At the end of the ad spot, the image goes dark. The words “Don’t Be a Sue” encourage everyone to take part in the , and “do something good.”

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