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NBC Orders Tina Fey, Ellie Kemper Comedy

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Tina Fey Ellie Kemper

 With a few of their veteran comedies now off the air, NBC needed some new TV blood for their line-up, so who best to ask for a new show than the creator of 30 Rock and one of the stars from The Office?

The network enlisted Tina Fey and her producing partner Robert Carlock for an upcoming show starring Ellie Kemper, which sees her as a woman living in New York City after having fled from a doomsday cult. Considering that the plot doesn't strike me as something that will be tickling my funny bone, it will be interesting to see Fey's spin on it.

Though the single-camera project is currently untitled, NBC has ordered 13 episodes to air next Fall.

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Community Scheduled to Return to NBC

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CommunitySchool will be back in session for Community cast members this upcoming February.

The NBC series - which looked to be in trouble earlier when the network pulled the series from its original season premiere on October 19 - will return to the small screen on Thursday, February 7 at 8 p.m., its previous time slot. The show will replace the slot currently occupied by 30 Rock.

Season four will be - unlike previous seasons - thirteen episodes and without series creator Dan Harmon behind the scenes as showrunner. Writers David Guarascio and Moses Port (co-creators of Aliens in America) will instead take Harmon's place.

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Sharon Osbourne Slams ‘Ungracious’ NBC

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Jack and Sharon OsbourneSharon Osbourne has slammed NBC for being ungracious.

The 59-year-old presenter - who quit her role on America's Got Talent because she claims the network fired her son Jack Osbourne via email from reality show Stars Earn Stripes following his diagnosis with multiple sclerosis (MS) - wants to be more selective about who she works with now she is getting older.

"I'm going to be 60 in October. So I'm at the age where I really want to work with people who I want to. And I felt that the network were not gracious. They handled the situation horribly. They've been backtracking, they've been not gracious with me at all," she said, explaining her decision to quit America's Got Talent.

Sharon admitted she is upset at leaving the show but she doesn't want to be a "hypocrite." Speaking on CBS This Morning, she said, "I love my principles and my son more [than America's Got Talent.] I would be a hypocrite if I went, 'Hi guys, how are you doing today?' I'm not that person. They don't like me, and I don't like them. They're stuck with me until next week. They don't want to be, believe me. But I'm going to turn up, and I'm going to do my final show and then I'm going to say 'bye.'"

Sharon Osbourne Quits America’s Got Talent

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Sharon Osbourne on America's Got TalentSharon Osbourne has quit America's Got Talent because of NBC's "discrimination" against her son Jack.

The showbiz matriarch was furious when 26-year-old Jack was axed by email from reality show Stars Earn Stripes, allegedly because of his multiple sclerosis (MS) diagnosis, and has now decided she no longer wants to work for the network. "I just can't be fake. It's discrimination and it was badly handled. It's time to move on," she told The New York Post.

Sharon remains under contract to NBC, but she isn't worried about any possible ramifications. "All they can do is stop me from being a judge on another network for five years," she added.

Last month, Stars Earn Stripes producer David Hurwitz claimed Jack was never hired for the tough reality contest. "He was somebody we were in talks with," he said. Both Sharon and Jack - who was first contacted about the show in April - admit a contract was never signed but insist the deal was moving forward on a verbal commitment.

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Community Gets a Return Date

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After several weeks of leaving Community fans waiting to find out whether or not the pop culture-loving comedy would ever return to the NBC line-up after its winter break, the network has finally announced a return date: March 15.

Reclaiming its Thursday night spot at 8pm, the show bumps its current replacement, 30 Rock, back to 8:30pm while Parks & Recreation goes on hiatus. Beyond season 3, sadly, the network hasn't confirmed whether or not the Breakfast Club-esque study group will see another semester season.

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The Biggest Loser Recap: The Season of No Excuses Begins

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Biggest Loser no excuses

No excuses!!  How many times did that need to be said last night? 

The first episode of the 'season of no excuses' started with the usual introductions, including all of the participant names, ages, and relationship between the teammates.  Alison stood in front of the gates of the ranch and let everyone know they were just about to enter the place where dreams come true (isn’t that Disney’s line?), that the tools they need to get healthy are behind these gates, and - most importantly - it is where they can get their lives back.

A few of the contestants gave what their excuses are for being so overweight, and as you might imagine, they were all fairly typical - thing like having no time to work out, being an emotional eater, putting things off until a tomorrow that never comes, laziness, and coming from a heavy family.  One woman has 13 children and 54 grandkids. There is usually a pretty emotional story for at least one contestant that keeps them in my mind throughout the season.  In previous years these included Bonnie (although not my favorite,) who lost her home in Hurricane Katrina, and then lost her husband shortly thereafter.  The one that sticks in my head the most is Abby. She lost her husband, daughter, and infant son in a car accident just miles from their home. 

This season Buddy, 41, has 3 small children and his wife is his best friend (ok, cute.) He lost a daughter 5 years ago, and thus far he has the biggest tragedy that's been revealed. Ok Buddy, you are definitely going to be on my radar.  Ahh, I’m already feeling emotionally drained.  Let’s get those gates opened and get started with the process.

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Jessica Simpson Returns to Reality TV

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Jessica SimpsonNow that she's raking in millions from her clothing and accessories empire, Jessica Simpson is returning to reality television to display her fashion prowress.

While she has been off the air since last year's VH1 show The Price of Beauty, Simpson is now confirmed as a celebrity mentor on upcoming NBC show Fashion Star. The singer will team up with supermodel host Elle Macpherson to guide aspiring fashion designers in this Project Runway-esque series.

"With an almost billion-dollar lifestyle brand under her belt she is sure to be an excellent mentor to our up-and-coming designers," said Paul Telegdy, NBC and Universal Media Studios executive vice president.

Can the pop star-turned-entrepreneur help aspiring creatives without her own team of designers and business partners?

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VIDEOS: SNL’s Finale Peppered with Special Guests, Classic Skits

Jimmy Fallon’s surprise SNL appearance reprised one of the show’s iconic bits: The Barry Gibb talk show. Justin Timberlake co-stars as brother Robin Gibb, as always. Together, the two brothers don’t take any crap. Watch the video above from a distance of at least 5 feet. Otherwise, the chest hair might get you. Follow the jump to other shining moments from Saturday night…

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VIDEO: The Justin Timberlake Skit You Didn’t See

We’re not sure why Saturday Night Live didn’t include this Mozart skit in the finale episode, but we’re happy they posted the video as an online exclusive. Watch it to see a hilarious dress rehearsal skit with Justin Timberlake, Andy Samberg and some of the other SNL regulars. There’s plenty of tongue-in-cheek references to Timberlake’s own career, each one more overt than the next.

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NBC to Extend The Voice

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NBC - The Voice

NBC has finally found a hit with The Voice, a singing competition chock-full of intriguing new gimmicks and entertaining judges (Cee Lo, Christina Aguilera, Blake Shelton and Adam Levine are all fantastic). Now, the fourth-place network is on a mission to do what it does best: find a way to destroy it.

Playing true to pattern, NBC will now begin shoving its popular new program down viewers’ throats. Because what works for American Idol…(works for Fox). In June, The Voice will jump from 1 hour to 2 hours, running from 9 to 11 pm.

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