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TV Scoop: ‘Malefiftycent,’ Gillian Jacobs on ‘Girls,’ ‘True Blood’ Tidbits

'True Blood' final season promo+ As you're marking off the days on your calendar until True Blood premieres, the internet is bubbling with gossip surrounding the final season of the hit HBO vampire drama. One source even goes as far to claim that the writers have decided to pull a Joss Whedon and kill off a beloved character.

+ Rapper 50 Cent proves that he's got a comedic side to him, as he teams up with Jimmy Kimmel for a short spoof of Maleficent.

+ Photos of Gillian Jacobs on the set of Girls have surfaced, but viewers beware, as they're a bit of spoilers!

+ Although it originally seemed as though Matthew McConaughey would not return for futher seasons of True Detective (despite how wildly successful it was and how many folks raved about his performance as Rust Cohle), the Dallas Buyers Club star has stated that he's wants to come back for more!

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VIDEO: Should Perez Hilton Be ABC’s Newest Bachelor?

Based on the ratings from last night's premiere episode, fans of The Bachelor aren't particularly interested in seeing Brad Womack for a second time. But how would those same viewers feel if the gentleman in question was Perez Hilton?

On last night's broadcast of Jimmy Kimmel Live, the celebrity blogger got his own chance to look for love ... and an an opportunity to get close to host Chris Harrison.

I don't know about you -- but I would definitely be interested in watching this version of the aging show.

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VIDEO: Conan O’Brien Apologizes to Jimmy Kimmel for Rudolph Sketch

Fans of both Conan O'Brien and Jimmy Kimmel might have noticed something unusual on their broadcasts recently: similar sketches.

Two weeks ago, Jimmy Kimmel Live was first to air a mashup of Sarah Palin's Alaska with Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. (Watch the video after the jump.) That clip was unfortunately followed up two weeks later by a Conan sketch that closely resembed the first.

In response to the snafu, O'Brien issued an apology to the competition -- and made other revelations -- in the message above.

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Jimmy Kimmel Uses Webcam to Record Show After Power Outage

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Jimmy Kimmel films during power outage

If looks a little shakier than usual tonight, don’t try adjusting your sets.

When a last-minute power outage threatened to derail Monday’s taping of his program, Jimmy Kimmel did what any other comedian would do: improvise.

The studio’s control room, broadcast transmission center and tape operations area were all shut down as a result of the outage, but the host’s computer was working just fine. What you’ll see broadcast this evening is a product of Kimmel’s webcam.

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VIDEO: Lost Characters Set Aside Rocks, Play Connect Four Million

Still trying to wrap your brain around last night’s episode of ? Confused by all the chess/rock analogies? Then this Milton Bradley game might be easier for you to comprehend.

On last night’s broadcast of , the host devised a new game for Jacob and the Man in Black to play while spending their years on the island.

Keep in mind: Connect Four Million should only be purchased by families who have space in their homes to play it.

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VIDEO: Jimmy Kimmel and the Handsome Men’s Club

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Whether you’re watching it for the first time, or for the fifth time—this is some funny s**t.

On last night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live: After the Academy Awards special, the host gave us an inside look at the HMC, a.k.a. the Handsome Men’s Club.

Several items were on the agenda during the club’s meeting yesterday. Are Robert Pattinson and Taylor worthy of induction—or are they merely cute? (The Office‘s John Krasinksi already fills the club’s “cute” quota.) Should be allowed to change his name to “Handsome” Hawke? (Answer: Yes.) Is Jimmy Kimmel good-looking enough to even be in the club—let alone be it’s president?

Find out what happens - and who betrays Kimmel - in the video above.

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Lost Producers Tease Jimmy Kimmel with Show Secrets

WARNING: Do not watch these clips unless you’ve had a chance to watch last night’s episodes.

If you’re a follower of Jimmy Kimmel, you already know the ABC host is a big-time fan of . It’s his love of the show - and his attention to detail - that makes this interview with executive producers Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof quite interesting.

Did you notice the people not on that plane? How about the number of vodka bottles Jack had? And what was the significance of Groundhog Day premiere?

Note: Cuse and Lindelof announced that the series finale will air on May 23, a Sunday.

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VIDEO: Jimmy Kimmel Claims He was Sucker-Punched by Leno

You really didn’t think Jimmy Kimmel would let Jay Leno have the last word, did ya?

During yesterday’s sit-down with Oprah Winfrey, former/new Tonight Show host Jay Leno addressed a number of topics including the zinger he made about David Letterman, the phone call he hasn’t made to Conan O’Brien and the huge paychecks from NBC he doesn’t even need to cash. He also talked about being embarrassed by Jimmy Kimmel on his own show.

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Jimmy Kimmel Turns Late-Night Battle into Ken Burns-esque Story

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This could be an interesting programming alternative once Conan O’Brien finally goes off the air.

On last night’s , the ABC host compared the battle over at NBC to a Ken Burns documentary series.

Not seeing the similarities? Then watch this clip from “The Late Night War.”

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VIDEO: Jimmy Kimmel Mocks Jay Leno

And here I thought Jay Leno and were friends.

Many viewers were probably a bit confused last night when they stayed up late to watch right after Nightline. Did they accidentally switch channels to NBC? Did their clocks go back an hour? No - that wasn’t Jay Leno they were seeing. That was actually Kimmel fronting his own show - the entire show - while dressed as his competitor.

“Hello, hello, my name is ...and let it hereby be known that I’m taking over all the shows in late night, beginning with this one,” the faux NBC host explained.

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