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Anthony Hopkins Really Loves ‘Breaking Bad’

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Bryan Cranston and Anthony Hopkins inset

Breaking Bad has won the hearts of many critics and viewers everywhere, and now Academy Award winner Anthony Hopkins has made it a point to declare his admiration for its star, Bryan Cranston, and the rest of the cast.

In a letter addressed to Mister Cranston - which was posted on the show's Facebook by Cranston's co-star Steven Michael Quezada - Hopkins writes, "I’ve  just finished a marathon of watching Breaking Bad from episode one of the first season – to the last eight episodes of the sixth season. I have never watched anything like it. Brilliant! Your performance as Walter White was the best acting I have seen – ever. I know there is so much smoke-blowing and sickening ######## in this business, and I’ve sort of lost belief in anything really. But this work of yours is absolutely stunning."

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Oprah Winfrey: Kim Kardashian Leveled Me

Kim Kardashian and Oprah WinfreyOprah Winfrey says Kim Kardashian's explanation for her short-lived marriage to Kris Humphries "leveled" her.

An interview by the media mogul with the entire Kardashian clan television stars is due to air on Sunday on her network OWN.

Oprah has revealed that the 31-year-old's split from the basketball player in October will be addressed in the program, Oprah's Next Chapter. "Everyone who's asked was the marriage a publicity stunt? Why did she leave after 72 days? Her answer leveled me," she wrote on her Facebook page.

Oprah hinted more about what will feature in the one-hour chat: "I genuinely wanted to know why they have become a cultural phenomenon, why so many people love to watch their every move and why so many others love to hate them. Are they completely ego centered? Are they really 'famous for being famous' or is there something more?"

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American Idol 10 Will Introduce Facebook Voting

Facebook Like ButtonLike the idea of using Facebook while you’re watching American Idol? For the first time in 10 years, the show will allow online voting to help decide each contestant’s fate. Entertainment Weekly has confirmed that the show will allow Facebook voters to cast up to 50 ballots for their favorites. The change in voting could create a lot more upsets and surprises on a show that’s been accused of being stale, and we’re definitely going to click Like for this new twist.

Stay up to date on all the Idol spoilers, gossip and recaps -- read all our American Idol 10 posts.

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VIDEO: (Real) Mark Zuckerberg Visits Saturday Night Live

The minute we heard Oscar nominee Jesse Eisenberg was going to host Saturday Night Live, we knew a Mark Zuckerberg sketch was in his future -- but did anyone think the Social Network star would come face-to-face with Zuckerberg? Both of them?

The Oscar nominee's opening monologue included appearances from the show's resident "Zuckerberg" (Andy Samberg) and the Facebook co-founder himself. Check out the awkwardness (including painful acting) above.

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VIDEO: Cookie Monster Auditions for Saturday Night Live

Kids -- let's not try to figure out how this would even work. Cookie Monster wants to be the host of Saturday Night Live and we need to make this happen.

In an attempt branch out "beyond his cookie-eating career," the self-proclaimed "cookie enthusiast" has created the audition tape above to land a hosting gig on the NBC program. In the clip, you can watch the character in a MacGruber-esque sketch ("Macarooner"), a news segment and a musical performance (as Monster Gaga).

Like what you see? Then become a fan of Cookie Monster's Facebook page.

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Colbert Nation Pushes for Truthiness Rally

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The Colbert nation has spoken…will the Comedy Central host answer?

Comedy Central fans have organized their own campaign to prod into hosting a “Restoring Truthiness” rally in response to Glenn Beck’s recent “Restoring Honor” rally, which was strongly backed by the GOP.

The idea seems to have sprung from a post on Reddit, and everything has snowballed since. A and website have now been created for the rally, which has been given an October 10, 2010 date. A locale for the rally has also been named: Washington, D.C.’s Lincoln Memorial, where Beck held his event. Fund-raising and merchandising will help fund the rally. Any remaining monies will be donated to the charity of Colbert’s choice.

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VIDEO: Old Spice Guy Continues to Entertain with Personalized Clips

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He’s made diamonds fall out of oysters, climbed seamlessly onto a horse and swan dived into a hot tub. Now, is mastering social media.

Over the past two days, the Old Spice personality has been cranking out a series of YouTube videos addressing comments/questions posted on such sites as Twitter and Facebook. Although he’s given hilarious shout-outs to actors (e.g. Ashton Kutcher, Alyssa Milano), companies (e.g. Starbucks, VH1) and sports figures (e.g. Chicago Blackhawks, Apolo Ohno), I personally have enjoyed the clips he’s created for the non-personalities the best.

In addition to fighting, romance and bathing advice, Mustafa has even helped deliver a marriage proposal. (She said yes!) Although there are way too many videos to highlight, you can view some of my favorites after the jump. (You can also find other clips on Old Spice’s YouTube channel.)

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TV Talk: Reunion for Pavelka and Girardi, CNN Job for Spitzer

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Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi-Expect Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi to talk about their recent split on the July 5 episode of The Bachelorette. According to reports, many people thought an angry Jake would strike his ex at one point.

-According to a source, Lindsay Lohan really wasn’t eight hours late to a photo shoot like Bravo’s Double Exposure claimed. She was actually ten hours late.

-A prostitution scandal won’t keep Eliot Spitzer down. New York’s former governor has just been given a new co-hosting gig on CNN. The program will start this fall.

-Want to see gay couple Cam & Mitchell finally kiss on Modern Family? Join the 13,500+ fans on Facebook and maybe you’ll get your wish next season.

-Tuesday’s Deadliest Catch episode earned the program its largest audience to date. The hour was the first of several to address Captain Phil Harris’ health.

Carol Burnett Not Interested in SNL Facebook Campaign

The 100,000+ Facebook fans who have campaigned to get Carol Burnett on Saturday Night Live might be a little shocked to hear this news: the comedienne has no plans to do her Tarzan yell on the show.

Although Facebook supporters were successful in getting Betty White a hosting gig on the NBC program, Carol says she doesn’t want to follow in the Golden Girl’s footsteps. “No one can top Betty,” the 77-year-old explained. “Why even try to be an imitator? You just can’t.”

If Burnett’s fans are willing to go a different route, the Emmy award-winner says 30 Rock and are high on her list. “Oh, I would definitely do [Glee]. I’d do whatever they wanted me to, but I’d like to have a few scenes with Jane Lynch. I love her.”

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Can Facebook Get Betty White an Oscars Gig?

When Betty White says, “Type, nerds!” - nerds type.

Approximately a week after the 88-year-old joked (?) in an NBC promo about getting a gig on the Academy Awards (watch the second clip), her Facebook fans got back to work.

Now there are pages devoted to having White host the Oscars and/or the 2010 Emmys. Oh - and there’s even one campaigning to get the actress on Glee.

A little tired of the Golden Girl overkill? Well, then maybe you can throw your support behind another comedienne. Nearly 79,000 people have already become Facebook fans of “Carol Burnett to Host SNL (PLEASE?)!

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