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Michael Jackson-Themed American Idol Gets Encore

Michael JacksonIf there was a way for FOX to jump in on national news while simultaneously promoting Idol, they would. And they will.

Next week, the network will honor Michael Jackson’s death by rebroadcasting two hours that were devoted to the legend’s music. It was just this past March when American Idol’s Top 13 contestants performed songs from the singer’s library.

Would you like to see whip out the guitar for ‘Remember the Time’? Eager to hear Adam Lambert rock out to ‘Black or White’? Trying to remember if Megan Joy’s version of ‘Rockin’ Robin’ was really that bad? Then tune in this Monday @ 8:00 to relive it all again.

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Idol’s Allison Iraheta Signed

Allison Iraheta

, the girl who rocked American Idol’s eighth season, has been signed by 19 Recordings. Her debut album is expected to be released sometime this fall.

“I think I’m still in shock that this is happening,” she said in a recent statement. “Getting to record my first album and this whole awesome experience is a dream come true!”

Iraheta finished in fourth place on the show, followed by Danny Gokey, Adam Lambert and Kris Allen (in that order). Allen and Lambert have both also inked recording contracts, but as of right now there’s nothing new to report on Gokey’s musical career.

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Adam Lambert Comes Out…Are You Surprised?

Adam Lambert on Rolling Stone

“I don’t think it should be a surprise for anyone to hear I’m gay,” said in his highly-anticipated Rolling Stone interview. Really, it isn’t. After months of photos featuring a glammed-up Lambert in the company of beautiful men, the real shocker would have been hearing him say he’s straight.

“Right after the finale, I almost started talking about it to the reporters,” he explained. Lambert went on to say he decided to wait for Rolling Stone, and that’s exactly what he did.

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Adam Lambert on Adam Lambert

Adam Lambert

“Keep speculating,” coyly told People magazine in a recent interview, when asked about the rumors and innuendo surrounding his sexuality.

“Conforming is not cool,” he said. “Embracing who you are and what makes you different is actually what’s really cool.”

Lambert, 27, became the runner-up on a mere matter of days ago. He was an early standout, an immediate judge favorite and the source of much media gossip during his tenure on the show. Now, the season is over but the Lambert fascination has hardly cooled.

The singer will offer up another interview in Rolling Stone, wherein he may or may not come clean about where his sexual preferences lie. “Maybe,” Lambert answered, when asked whether or not he’d lay his cards on the table in the upcoming issue.

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AT&T Responds to American Idol Voting Controversy

American IdolAs , reports have surfaced that one of American Idol’s biggest sponsors, AT&T, might have influenced the surprising conclusion of season 8.

According to the New York Times, AT&T reps were present at Kris Allen parties during the final voting night of . Allegedly, employees of the company not only provided free text-messaging to party-goers but also showed them how to power text. This method of texting allows voters to send out multiple votes simultaneously, using only a single button. Technically, power texting is against the Idol voting rules.

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American Idol: Voting Scandal?

Kris Allen

According to the New York Times, AT&T became a big part of several Kris Allen parties during last week’s finale. Their reports suggest marked voter influencing and support for that camp.

Allegedly, AT&T representatives not only provided free text-messaging services to Allen party attendees, but also taught texters how to power-text. This method of texting allows users to send many messages at once, with a single button. This could make it easier to send out many more votes in favor of one Idol contestant.

In case you somehow missed it, AT&T is a huge American Idol sponsor.

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Why was Scott MacIntyre Cut from American Idol Finale?

Scott MacIntyreBilly Joel

Days after the American Idol finale, there’s one question still lingers. (No - not whether Adam Lambert should do ballards or Broadway.) What really happened to Scott MacIntyre’s performance?

The answer to that mystery depends on who you believe: MacIntyre or Billy Joel’s camp.

According to a post on Scott’s MySpace page, his featured performance was cut due to an absent celebrity. The finalist had apparently been scheduled to play the piano opposite Matt Giraud in a “Tell Her About It” face-off. Unfortunately, a last-minute cancellation by Joel meant pulling the number altogether.

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Wednesday Ratings: Sour Notes for American Idol

Did everyone just assume Adam Lambert was going to win? Over 100 million votes were cast for the Idol finale, but less than a third of that figure bothered to watch. Last night’s two-hour extravaganza tied the smallest audience numbers for an ender since Season 1. Meanwhile, the program had the lowest 18-49 performance for a closer…ever.

American Idol's Kris Allen8pm

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American Idol 8: Finale!

American Idol

Weeks of auditions, eliminations and memorable performances would finally culminate in a single evening of music and melodrama. Yes, it’s the finale of 8.

Various celebrities sat in the crowd as warmed up the episode. Almost 100 million votes were logged after Tuesday’s performance round.

A montage of Randy Jackson clips served as the dog’s intro, he who, for reasons quite beyond me, wore a bow tie for the evening. Kara DioGuardi moments followed, and I never realized she had such a tendency to use the word “sweetie.” She looked great for the evening, at least. The same can’t be said for Paula Abdul, who wore a hideous ensemble. Her clip showed her saying a lot of words, the meanings of which she likely doesn’t understand. Simon Cowell’s video tribute was, of course, the most entertaining of all.

The host then introduced the two stars of the evening: Kris Allen and Adam Lambert. The judges stood up for the men as they took the stage. Each wore white; both looked very different. The sound equipment was hardly functioning when the two touched based with Seacrest.

A gaggle of girls stood in Conway, Arkansas (Kris Allen country) to hear the results. Carly Smithson reported from Symphony Hall (what a sad gig), where Lambert fans gathered to await the final vote count. But each camp would sit through many more video clips, performances, and general hoohah before they would find out what they most wanted to know: who won?

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Tuesday Ratings: Idol Hits a New Low

Is American Idol starting to show its age? Or were viewers simply disinterested in the Kris/Adam battle? Whatever the reason, yesterday’s episode scored the lowest demos ever for a finale performance show.

American Idol's Adam Lambert8pm

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