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Monday April 30, 2007 4:32 pm

Hilary Duff Returns to TV

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Hilary Duff It’s not another Lizzie McGuire, but Hilary Duff is again making her way to the small screen. The actress/singer who was once the world’s most famous tween will have her own reality show on MTV. Titled This Is Now, the show airs Monday nights at 9:30 and features Hilary living her normal, whirlwind life as she tours with her new album Dignity and lives the life as one of Hollywood’s hip. The singer’s security staff had a scare recently while she was doing promotion for the album. During an interview, a man in the crowd made loud, verbal threats to kill Duff. The man was subsequently tackled and taken down by security, and Duff continued with her regularly-scheduled meet and greets, proving that Dignity is an apt title for her album. Fans who have been dying to get a peek at Duff’s inner world have only to tune to MTV to see her in her element.

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Despite a recent break up with Good Charlotte’s Joel Madden (who is now the boytoy of reality star Nicole Richie), Hillary Duff is moving forward with her album promotion and baring it all on MTV. The cable channel geared to teens and twenty-somethings made just the right decision in adding Duff to their reality line-up – as Duff grows older, so do her formerly tween fans, and the singer’s appeal is only growing as her audience widens. Two episodes of This Is Now have aired so far, with several more scheduled on future line-ups.

While Hilary Duff is known for more than her good-girl image (a public cat fight with Lindsay Lohan for the affections of Nick Carter changed Duff’s goody-two-shoes appeal), fans will still see that she has a lot of Dignity by virtue of the new MTV gig. With her hair dyed a charming shade of brown, Duff’s primary focus right now is on her musical career, not her acting one. It all adds up to a perfect mix for reality TV – or, at least, that’s what MTV is banking on. Will Duff succeed where other pop princesses (like Jessica Simpson) have failed? Only the ratings for This Is Now will tell the tale.


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I dno if its her, i was searching on google and that one came up so i used it.

[quote author="gunsnbam"]That dont even look like her...whats under the chair?[/quote] Condoms "Trojan"

That dont even look like her...whats under the chair?

[img]http://img217.echo.cx/img217/8256/hilaryduff0047vj.jpg[/img] ^ lol couldnt help it.

haha i dunno why i put dirty.. it catches everyone to the thread :D

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[quote author="evilXhwnd"][quote author="plugg3d in"]And you women aren't? (even though we like it :lol: ) [img]http://www.fscclub.com/vidy/images/subst-mud2.jpg[/img][/quote] nice[/quote] haha see what I mean?

[quote author="plugg3d in"]And you women aren't? (even though we like it :lol: ) [img]http://www.fscclub.com/vidy/images/subst-mud2.jpg[/img][/quote] nice

And you women aren't? (even though we like it :lol: ) [img]http://www.fscclub.com/vidy/images/subst-mud2.jpg[/img]

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