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Tuesday August 15, 2006 3:35 am

Entourage:  Vegas Baby, Vegas

Entourage Although Vincent is still in need of a job, thanks to Turtle, he is not in need of any money.  Vince has agreed to attend a Las Vegas club event in exchange for a quick $100,000.  Although the boys all plan on joining Vinnie for the trip, Drama is not quick to sign up.  Now that he’s in the process of shooting a pilot, he wants to takes things a bit more seriously.  But when he is reminded that his favorite masseuse, Ken, works at the Hard Rock Hotel, Johnny decides to jump on board.  He could use some hands of gold before he heads back to work.

The boys call Ari and tell him that they are headed off to the desert.  Worried about Vince’s current image problem, Ari doesn’t recommend taking any trips to Sin City.  But Vince promises his agent that he will be reading scripts along the way and tries to persuade him to join them.  The offer becomes even more enticing when they pull up right in front of Ari, but he says that he has a theater commitment with his wife and mother.  Realizing what he just said, Ari then jumps into their car.  When he later tell his wife that he has been kidnapped by a client, he is promptly hung up on.  Unfortunately, his conversation with Barbara Miller does not go much better.  She wasn’t entirely enthused to hear that her new partner was running off to a casino just after she had poured $6 million into their new company.

As soon as the boys enter the Hard Rock, Vinnie heads straight to the roulette table and lays down a bet.  It’s a long-standing tradition for Eric and Vince.  As soon as they hit the air conditioning, they play $5 on red.  If they hit, they know it will be a good weekend.  After he comes up victorious, Ari teams up with Vince and agrees to go 50/50 on the night’s total take.

On their way through the casino, the boys run into actor Seth Green who is also there for the party at Body English.  After some small talk, Seth first asks Eric about Sloane and then about that ‘thing at the hotel’.  Eric says that the ‘hotel thing’ wasn’t what it looked like…prompting Seth to say ‘it never is.’  When they go their separate ways, Eric fumes about Seth’s constant questions about Sloane.  The boys try to assure him that Seth didn’t mean anything by it and tell Eric not to fret.  He has a history of being the jealous guy.

When the boys get to their hotel room, they learn that Vince’s job for the weekend includes more than just a club appearance.  He is also responsible for meeting contestants that afternoon for a contest he is to judge that night.  As the skeptical manager, Eric decides he should scout out the contest first.  Meanwhile, Drama preps for his long-awaited massage and heads to the appointment in his own robe.

Ari and Eric head down to the club and discover that Vince will be judging a stripper contest.  They’re convinced Vince needs to cancel the engagement, but are too pre-occupied watching the auditions to move.  Meanwhile, Vinnie and Turtle are at the tables betting the money he has yet to earn.  As a commission for scoring him the gig, Turtle is given $10,000 to play with.  When Ari and Eric finally catch up with chase, they advise him to walk away from the gig—but it is too late.  The $100,000 is already gone.  As his gambling partner, Ari is freaked by the turn of the events…but Vince tells him not to worry.  It would only be considered a loss once they actually leave Nevada.

Working their way through the casino the boys run into Seth Green and his posse once again.  Green pressures Eric to call Sloane on his behalf and say ‘What Up’.  Eric walks away and tries to blow the whole thing off.  He refuses to believe that his girlfriend has had anything to do with Seth because he knows all the men she has been with.  But the guys claim it is possible that Sloane has left someone off her ‘list’.  Determined to settle this once and for all, Eric gives her a call.  Sloane says that Seth is a jerk and that she has never dated him.  In fact, they were on a teen tour several years back and he was obsessed with her for the entire trip.

Finally reunited with his masseuse, Drama gives his friend a hug…and a gift.  Remembering he had a thing for almonds, Johnny brought Ken some from California.  Ken is thrown off by the thoughtful gift and his astounding memory.  Drama can’t stop raving about Ken during the massage and asks to reserve him for the ‘whole evening’.  When Ken tells him about his girlfriend troubles, Johnny offers him a night out with the boys.  He wants to help him forget all about women.  Ken says he is not used to going out with his clients, but Drama tells him ‘I hope that you will look at me as more than just a client.’

While Drama is busy getting relaxed, Ari is getting all worked up.  When he last left Vinnie, they were only down $100,000.  Now they are down $110,000..,,each.  Unfazed, Vinnie calmly hands over the reins to Ari.  Vinnie is just not feeling it right now and needs to take a breather.  Although he is a bit hesitant, Ari resumes the gambling.

As the guys prep for their night out, they remark on how incredibly cool Eric has been over the Seth thing.  The old E would not have been able to control himself.  Turtle then tells the guys that he has made arrangements for some of the strippers to hang out with them that night, but Drama is not enthused.  He doesn’t want any ladies distracting them on their boys night out.  When the guys question Ken’s sexuality, Drama quickly rises to his defense and warns them to keep their girls away from Ken.  When they finally hook up with the masseuse at the party, Drama plays up Ken’s legendary football history at the University of Arizona. 

As expected, Eric runs into Seth’s posse at the party.  Encouraged to remain cool, E does his best even when Seth asks about the phone conversation with Sloane.  When Eric says that Sloane simply said ‘What up’, Seth tells him to say it back to her (again) in return.  Confused, Eric shakes his head and walks away.  Although Eric might not eager to battle over Sloane, Drama is poised to battle over Ken.  When he sees his hands of gold giving one of the strippers a neck massage, Drama steps up to claim his territory.  He tells the girls that Ken is ‘with me’ tonight.

Back at the casino, Vince returns to find Ari down and out at the tables.  Although they are now down $270,000, Vinnie is not afraid to ask for another $100,000 marker.  After a few tense blackjack hands, including several double-down plays, Chase comes out strong and gets the boys back to $100,000 in the black.  In other words, $50,000 in the pocket for Ari.

Meanwhile, Drama is working on getting his own reward.  Convinced that he needs to work out some more anxiety, he asks to have another late-night rubdown with Ken.  Unfortunately the spa is closed for the evening so Drama suggests they bring the session back to his room.  When Ken asks where he should do the massage, Drama suggests his own bed.  Confused as to what Johnny is proposing, Ken decides to go with the flow.  While Drama is off getting ready for his massage, Ken strips down and gets naked in the bed.  When Drama comes out, Ken reassures him that this is the first time he has ever been with a man.  But given all the adoration Johnny has poured on him today, he figures he is prepared to give back.  Heck, it’s Vegas after all!  Disgusted by what he is seeing and hearing, Drama storms out of the room.

The boys all meet up again at Body English where they are preparing for the stripper contest.  And yet, once again, they run into Green.  When Seth asks Eric if he called Sloane once again, Eric told Seth that he needs to stop obsessing over his girlfriend.  Seth tells E that he has it all wrong—Sloane is the one with the obsession.  Seth then continues with a few more descriptive and crude remarks about her.  Needless to say, a punch quickly flew…but it didn’t come from Eric.  It came from testosterone-fueled Drama.  As an all-out brawl ensues, Vinnie Chase stands back and watches his boys do the work.  After all, he does have an image to uphold.

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