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Tuesday June 3, 2008 2:34 pm

Flame Walks Like a Human

Posted by Sheila Franklin Categories: Misc. Tech, Science

ASIMO eat your heart out. Flame is now the most advanced walking robot to date. Created by Dutch PhD student Daan Hobbelen of TU Delft, his bot is both stable and energy efficient. To accomplish his objective, he studied how people walked for the first time. He then gave Flame seven motors and a balance mechanism created with stability algorithms. Daan is hoping that the technology will be used to help treat those with walking disabilities.

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The robot is amazing in design.

But the violin robot is the best one and walking very smoothly.

ASIMO is way cuter.

Should make it a nano suit so it can carry or lift heavy objects.

It doesn’t look nice to me.

This is neat, but for some reason when I look at it I think of water, not a flame. As the population ages, I think(hope) that robotics will have come to the point where they can help the elderly and those that cannot help themselves.

this robot kinda looks like the robot from the movie irobot with wil smith

Wow, this is amazing!  Robot technology continues to improve, getting us closer and closer to that point where it will be indistinguishable from humans—I still think thats a far way off though, but this research has real-life applications to improving those with walking disabilities

I always wanted a robot to do my work for me, especially mow the yard…dang, I’ve got to go mow the yard…

This is not about which robot is the best or which one is cuter.  This robot was created to be used for a scientific research and help out those that have walking disabilities.  This is definitely one of the greatest robots ever made.  This guy deserved the PHD that he got for making this robot.  I hope he is successful and his robot will help out the disabled people in the world.

amazing! does anyone know how tall this is? i didnt see in the article
this looks very promising, and this type of research would prove very useful in helping the disabled

Pretty good. Maybe I’ll use this If I lose my legs. raspberry

Hey sushkurh, does the walking robot creep you out yet?!

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