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Monday June 19, 2006 10:15 pm

Stonehenge Watch

Posted by Stace Johnson Categories: Wearables, Design, Misc. Tech

Stonehenge Watch

There are those among us who just can’t get enough of Spinal Tap, particularly the Stonehenge sequence.  For those people, we present the Stonehenge watch.  Flip open the lid, erect the gnomon (that’s something you don’t read every day), orient yourself using the included compass, and let the shadows tell you the time.  Or just flip it over and look at the analog watch dial on the back.

Impress your friends, confuse your enemies!  With this watch, some glittery eyeshadow, and a custom amplifier that goes to eleven, you’re sure to be a shoe-in for the Spinal Tap tribute band now forming in your neighborhood.

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