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Monday April 10, 2006 8:16 am

Special Edition FIFA Xbox 360 Blue

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Xbox 360 Blue

Seems that Microsoft has caught soccer (or football to you non-Americans) fever.  The special edition Xbox 360 Blue is set to be released in celebration of the 2006 FIFA World Cup.  The Xbox 360 Blue will have all of the same features and accessories as the Xbox 360 Premium, but will also include a sporty Adidas Japan blue faceplate, Adidas Japan blue bandana, and a copy of 2006 FIFA World Cup Germany.  Microsoft is expected to ship 10,000 of these special edition units.  Unfortunately it looks like these special Xbox 360s are only set to be released in Japan.  This special edition Xbox 360 is set to hit stores on April 27th and is expected to cost around $430.00.  I doubt Japanese electronics stores are ready for the flood of crazed soccer fans these units should create. Then again, we are talking about the Xbox 360 - in Japan.

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lol, my guess is there will be more of those sold to people in the US than people who will own them in Japan.

Maybe if MS sold a special edition SONY xbox360 they would sell better over there wink heheh.

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