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Who knows what the day will bring?  All of us will make decisions based on inferences, guesses, statistical analysis, or just plain emotional fandom.  Games will be played, and we will either be right, or we will be wrong.  Occasionally, we will push.  Some people propose that some decisions are forgone conclusions.  Today for example you will be hard pressed to find someone believing that the Panthers won’t beat the Lions.  As plays are run, balls are fumbled, and touchdowns are scored we get closer to the truth.

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I am hovering around .500 for the season, but my real concern is to be over .575 with my 4-star and 5-star games.  To get closer to the that goal I will need the Texans and Colts to cover their modest spreads.
Season: 34-37-3
Last Week: 5-7-2

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New Orleans Saints

What a terrific set-up. Reggie Bush of the New Orleans Saints, primarily believed to be an NFL disappointment, believed to be close to bringing NCAA sanctions on a USC football program because he reportedly took under-the-table payments, has a break-out performance on Monday Night Football against the Minnesota Vikings. Who could see that one coming?

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