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Thursday October 9, 2008 8:15 am

Reggie Bush Is Still Running

New Orleans Saints

What a terrific set-up. Reggie Bush of the New Orleans Saints, primarily believed to be an NFL disappointment, believed to be close to bringing NCAA sanctions on a USC football program because he reportedly took under-the-table payments, has a break-out performance on Monday Night Football against the Minnesota Vikings. Who could see that one coming?

Bush brought back two punts for touchdowns and put the Saints ahead 27-20 in the fourth-quarter. Only to see his team lose. Poor baby. He wanted to keep playing, keep running. Can’t they have just played the Oakland Raiders on Tuesday already instead of having to wait until Sunday? Even in a loss, he wins.

Maybe you noticed that his girlfriend, Kim Kardashian, couldn’t make the cut on “Dancing with the Stars.” His fellow Heisman winners and candidates have been clearly outshone: Matt Leinart isn’t even starting, and Vince Young, well, we all know what’s going on there.

Prediction: Enjoy it while you can, Reggie. Every dog has its day, but I don’t see consistent outstanding performances from you in the long run. Deuce McAllister is still the Man in New Orleans.

Sage Rosenfels Is Still Hiding Under A Rock

There’s something cruelly fascinating about watching a meltdown. Sage Rosenfels had one for the ages this past Sunday in Houston.  Subbing for a sickly Matt Schaub at QB, Rosenfels was having a great afternoon leading the Houston Texans to a 27-10 lead late in the fourth quarter. Then it all collapsed…and it fell hard!

With the Indianapolis Colts getting a little closer at 27-17, Rosenfels fumbled while taking to the air to avoid a tackle. The ball was recovered and ran back for a Colts TD. Later Rosenfels was stripped of the ball, Colts recovered. Then Reggie Wayne makes a miraculous catch to give the Colts the lead.

Despite this shocking turn of events, in the game’s final moments Rosenfels began to lead the Texans down the field on a series of passes…until he threw an interception. The boos raining down on him from the home crowd were enough to make a grown man cry. Rosenfels didn’t, but he’s got no room for you or I under his rock.

Prediction: The Texans will: a) let him in Reliant Stadium for Sunday’s game, b) let him suit up, and c) maybe let him guard the Gatorade – but not enter the game.

Miami Is Still A-Buzz About Those Dolphins

On the other end of the spectrum are the Miami Dolphins. Fun to watch or what? This past weekend in a victory over the San Diego Chargers, we see more of the Wildcat offense, see the defense make a goal-line stand, and see the offense milk the clock to keep Phillip Rivers off the field at the end of the game.

Did you see Tony Sparano high-fiving his players and whooping it up on the sideline? Is this Bill Parcells bunch even ahead of what he accomplished in his early run with the Dallas Cowboys?

Prediction: They have six or seven winnable games on the schedule. A 9-7 Dolphin team that makes the playoffs? I’m a pessimist – they’re looking at 7 -7 at best.



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