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Rihanna Claims She Can Turn Women Bi

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RihannaRihanna claims she can turn a straight woman bisexual. The "Good Girl Gone Bad" singer made the boastful claim on Twitter on Sunday night: "Guarantee to turn a square into a Bi bitch!!!" The public message was thought to be in reference to an E-40 song titled "Function," which features the lyric "Guarantee turn a square to a bop bitch."

The 24-year-old performer has been making headlines for a number of controversial reasons recently. She posted a picture last week, showing herself tucking cash into a bent over stripper's underwear while gripping a drink between her teeth.

She is also reported to have angered Saturday Night Live producers this weekend when she failed to show up to a final dress rehearsal. Rihanna allegedly sent her choreographer instead, claiming that she was too ill to attend. The show's employees were reportedly angered as she did not seem ill enough to have missed the dress rehearsal when she was spotted walking around the studio in between performances on the night.

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VIDEO: Zach Galifianakis Shaves His Head

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I pity the fool who missed the end of last week's Saturday Night Live. Those who were watching NBC saw Zach Galifianakis standing on the famous stage with a Mr. T-inspired Mohawk. As he explained, the skit never made it to air -- the show ran out of time. But, at least he got an awesome new ‘do out of the sketch the didn’t.

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VIDEO: Pee-wee Herman, Anderson Cooper Star in SNL Digital Short

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Although famous faces are something we've come to expect from 's Digital Shorts -- this weekend's cameos still came as a nice surprise.

On Saturday's broadcast, Andy Samberg and not only shared a big (drinking) adventure, they made a headline out of CNN's Anderson Cooper.

Take a shot and enjoy the video.

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VIDEO: SNL Pokes Fun at Time, Zuckerberg and WikiLeaks Founder

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Magic happens when two skits -- and two extremely strong Saturday Night Live cast members -- get together.

On Saturday’s holiday episode, Andy Samberg reprised his Mark Zuckerberg impersonation, only to be interrupted by Bill Hader’s slighty mad version of Julian Assange … and it was fantastic.

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Hey, Y’all—“Miley Cyrus” Addresses Salvia Smoking Scandal

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SNL’s Vanessa Bayer was a natural choice for Saturday’s episode, hosted by a loose, daring Jeff Bridges (maybe the Tron sequel box office predictions were a little kinder, back then).

Bayer is best-known for her “Miley Cyrus Show” sketch, which naturally stars Vanessa as the pop princess. Punctuating her thoughts with “it’s pretty cool,” “Miley” talked about the current salvia scandal that’s been recently splashed all over TMZ.

Saturday Night Live castmate Jason Sudeikis appeared as Miley’s dad Billy Ray Cyrus; host Jeff Bridges satirized Nick Nolte (complete with mug shot).

Watch the video above to see the whole skit.

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Celebrity Chatter: Fred Armisen Dates Costar, Whoopi Leaves Sister Act

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Whoopi Goldberg-A family emergency will prevent Whoopi Goldberg from completing her her stage run in London. Goldberg had to exit the Sister Act musical after her mother suffered a stroke in the U.S.

-A personal tragedy will keep Martin Short from attending the Emmys this Sunday. Short, who had been nominated for his work on Damages, is mourning the death of his wife. Nancy Dolman died last Saturday of “natural causes.”

-Fred Armisen is already moving on from his failed 10-month marriage to Mad Men‘s Elisabeth Moss. The funnyman is now reportedly dating Abby Elliott, his Saturday Night Live costar.

-Michael Douglas won’t let his treatment for a throat tumor delay a court battle with his ex-wife. Diandra Douglas is seeking a share of Michael’s earnings from his upcoming film, Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps.

Betty White Parties with SNL Cast

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Betty White was a huge hit with fans on Saturday night, but the octogenarian was an even bigger hit with the SNL cast on Sunday morning.

The host went out with the night’s extended cast to enjoy the after party - something the younger generation considered as quite a treat.

Watch the video above to see what happens after the NBC cameras stop rolling at 1:00 A.M. Eastern ime.

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VIDEO: SNL Presidents Unite for Financial Reform

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“This isn’t Live, this is FunnyorDie.com.” Yes - and that’s why it’s hilarious.

In this Ron Howard-directed clip, President Barack Obama (Fred Armisen) is visited by the ghosts of ‘s past. In his dream, the former White House residents all team up to give the current POTUS advice on how to finally get the Consumer Financial Protection Agency created.

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Actress Brittany Murphy Dies at Age 32

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Brittany MurphyUPDATE: A coroner’s official says Murphy may have died of natural causes.

Actress , best known for her work on 1995’s Clueless, was pronounced dead today in Los Angeles. She was only 32.

According to reports, Murphy was discovered unconscious by her mother in her shower. A call from the home of Simon Monjack, Brittany’s husband of 2 1/2 years, was made around 8:00 AM.

Paramedics attempted to revive the 8 Mile star who had apparently gone into cardiac arrest. Unfortunately, she was pronounced dead on arrival at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

Although Brittany has not starred in any big screen hit in some time, she had been the subject of recent tabloid talk. In late November, Murphy was replaced on a film being shot in Puerto Rico. It was rumored that that Brittany and Simon’s questionable behavior - including possible drug use - was behind her dismissal. This recast lead to an SNL skit on December 5. (You can view that clip after the jump.)

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Tracy Morgan Disses Former SNLers in New Book

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Tracy Morgan's I Am the New Black cover

This Thursday’s return of 30 Rock isn’t the only thing fans should be looking forward to. Next week’s release of the comedian’s new book, I Am the New Black, promises to give us more backstage group than the fictional NBC program could provide.

In the autobiography, Morgan talks about his years on Saturday Night Live and is more than candid about those he liked and disliked. Part of what can be heard on an audio recording of the book is apparently an ad-libbed version of what is on the page. Either way, you might not think about former late-night players Cheri Oteri and Chris Kattan the same way again.

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