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Suri CruiseKatie Holmes spends $25,000 a month on her daughter’s clothes (let’s not fool ourselves—Suri Cruise is Katie’s career now).

The Romantics actress is reportedly determined for three-year-old Suri - her child with husband Tom Cruise - to be the “most fashionable kid in Hollywood,” and her recent purchases for the youngster have included a $5,000 ruby pendant and two dresses priced at $1,500 each.

A source told Britain’s Grazia, “Dressing Suri in amazing outfits has become Katie’s favorite hobby. She’ll scour the internet and Beverly Hills shops to find items and get inspiration for different looks. One of Katie’s favorite looks is 80s-inspired - she puts Suri in leggings and long sweatshirts or bright dresses. Suri loves getting involved and choosing things too.”

Katie caused controversy recently when pictures were published of the star and Suri, with the youngster wearing a pair of high-heeled shoes, and the insider admitted that the tot had problems walking in them. The source added, “Suri can’t always walk in her heels, sometimes she just steps right out of them.”

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Paula Abdul at the 2009 AMAs

While en route to yesterday’s American Music Awards, gave fans an idea of what to expect on the red carpet.

“I am practically laying down in the Limo cause the dress I am wearing…I have been poured into!! No Joke!! Not Fun!! Fashion HURTS!!” Abdul tweeted. If she only knew how much it would hurt us to see it.

You know - American Idol might be better off without Abdul. I have no idea how they would ever fit something like that under the judges’ table.

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Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony

Although the word “hot” is often used to describe Jennifer Lopez, it’s not a word commonly used for —that is, until now.

The action might have been on the gridiron during the Miami Dolphins/New Orleans Saints game yesterday, but you wouldn’t have known that by looking at the singer’s armpits.

Maybe someone should have rethought the whole black pants in the heat decision?

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Drew Barrymore in supposedly non-Halloween, normal attire

“I’m very peeved Halloween only comes once a year.”

- Actress Drew Barrymore, who’s been notorious for her questionable outfits lately. To me, it seems as if she already thought that Halloween was every day!

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Pink and Shakira at the VMAs

If it hadn’t been for Kanye West’s outburst (or any one of Lady Gaga’s outfits), this could have been the most talked about moment of last night’s Video Music Awards.

Had this involved two other singers, these dresses might have remained on opposite ends of the red carpet. But Shakira and took the fashion faux pas in stride and even managed to laugh about it. (Of course, there is a stylist out there somewhere doing all the crying.)

You can also see solo pics of the two outfits after the jump.

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Drew Barrymore with black ends

Oh Drew—why do you keep giving me things to talk about? It’s just because you’re plugging a new film…right?

When she isn’t busy directing and acting in roller derby movies, the 34-year-old spends her time throwing together questionable outfits and playing with her hair. Today, we are fortunate to witness a 2-for-1 special.

Wondering why Barrymore decided to dip her ends black? Well - that’s because it coordinated with her latest ensemble. After the jump, check out what she wore to promote in Boston yesterday.

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AnnaLynne McCordAnnaLynne McCord

We’re still about two months away from Halloween, but AnnaLynne McCord apparently decided to pull out her costume a bit early. This particular beer wench meets 80’s rocker ensemble was worn last night at a party for her CW show.

Lace fingerless gloves? Yellow purse? All I can say is “9021-oh-no...”

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Sandra BullockSandra Bullock

Sandy, my darling - you hurt me real bad. You know it’s true. But honey, you gotta believe me when I say…this outfit is beneath you.

It’s hard to decide what I hate more here: the Valentine’s-Day-threw-up-on-me dress or the boots paired with it.

The movie may be called All About Steve, but last night’s premiere was definitely all about her.

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Mary-Louise ParkerMary-Louise Parker

I’m not sure what pains me more—looking at this strange ensemble or having to trash .

As much as I admire the Weeds actress, I just can’t let this outfit slide. A baggy, army green dress coupled with blue-grey heels? Thank goodness her visit to the Late Show wasn’t scheduled for the same night as Anna Wintour’s appearance. I think Vogue‘s editor-in-chief would have had a lot more to talk about than David Letterman’s socks.

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Drew Barrymore in a bow tie

is having a remarkable year. She’s Just Not That Into You (a film she produced) scored well at the box office, she’s earned an Emmy nod for her role in Grey Gardens and her directorial debut - Whip It! - is set to release this fall. Now she’s added an unfortunate honor to the mix.

Drew has just earned her second Questionable Outfit of the Day in less than two months.

I honestly wasn’t sure she could top the tie-dye leggings/shark hat ensemble, but her belly-exposing/bow-tied look may have succeeded. Let’s see what she comes up with in October…

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