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Amy WinehouseAlthough Amy Winehouse’s father, Mitch, mistakenly claimed his daughter had emphysema, the singer is not exactly out of the woods.

In an attempt to clear up the erroneous report, reps clarified the 24-year-old’s health status. While Amy hasn’t yet been diagnosed with the irreversible lung disease, she does have “scarring of the lungs which could lead to emphysema.” According to spin doctor Chris Goodman, “If she keeps doing the wrong things, then it could lead to it. If she does the right things, it won’t.”

Unfortunately, no amount of scarring could overcome Amy’s strong penchant for inhaling. During a brief release from the hospital yesterday (she’s been there since fainting last Monday), Winehouse was snapped by the paparazzi…with a cigarette in her mouth. Maybe she was just saying one last goodbye to the cigs? Maybe?

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Amy Winehouse Smoking

UPDATE: Despite what Amy’s father told the media, the singer’s rep denies Winehouse has emphysema. She supposedly has a “scarring of the lungs which could lead to emphysema.”

After years of unhealthy living, it’s been determined that singer has the early stages of emphysema. This diagnosis was made after the 24-year-old collapsed at her home last Monday. A week of tests had ruled out other possibilities - such as tuberculosis - for her chest problems.

According to the Mayo Clinic, emphysema is “is a progressive lung disease that results in shortness of breath and reduces your capacity for physical activity.” Unfortunately, Winehouse could have been suffering for some time and didn’t experience any symptoms “until irreversible damage” had already occurred.

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Tatum thanks cops, blames dog's deathAfter spending Sunday night in jail following her arrest for purchasing crack and cocaine, former Dancing With the Stars contestant Tatum O’Neal was released from court yesterday. Shockingly, her first remarks were thank yous… to the police who arrested her!

Claiming sobriety, the New York City jail survivor gratefully thanked her law enforcers for keeping her that way: “Just when I was about to change that and wreck my life, the cops came and saved me! I was saved by the bell, by the guys in the Seventh Precinct.”

What I’m wondering was whether or not she was truly sober, thinking we would actually believe that she thanked those cops from the bottom of her heart. Then again, she may very well have been smart enough to learn from her fellow jailbird celebrities and look pretty good whilst being sprung from the can.

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Tatum O'Neal busted for crack

Seeing as there has been a major shortage of celebrity breakdowns and arrests lately, who comes in to save the day? None other than Tatum O’Neal!

The Rescue Me star was arrested last night for purchasing crack and cocaine not too far from her New York City home. NYPD spokesman Mike Wysokowski divulged that the former child actress was caught by policemen doing a “routine drug sweep,” when they witnessed O’Neal giving money to her dealer.

O’Neal, who had supposedly broken free of her illicit drug-using past, initially told police that she “was doing research for a part.”

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Gary DourdanAlthough he faced up to nearly 4 years in prison, actor managed to leave court today with only a slap on the hand.

The CSI star had been charged with three counts of felony drug possession after a police search of his car back on April 28. After pleading guilty to the Ecstasy and cocaine charges (a third for heroin was dismissed), the 41-year-old was ordered to complete a diversion program.

In a statement to the press, Dourdan’s lawyer said the star was, of course, sorry for his mistakes. “He very much regrets what happened, and he’s very embarrassed by what occurred, but he’s looking forward to moving on and getting back to work.”

So let’s see - instead of jail time, he gets 16 months to complete 30 hours of drug-education classes? What’s he going to do with himself in the meantime?

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Steven TylerJust a few weeks ago, we reported that Liv Tyler and husband Royston Langdon were filing for divorce. Now we’re hearing about more personal troubles for the Tyler family.

According to Us Magazine, musician Steven Tyler has checked into the Las Encinas Hospital drug rehabilitation clinic. (This is the same location works at.) As the long-time frontman for Aerosmith, this would not be the 60-year-old’s first stint in rehab. Reports are the singer is currently seeking help for another substance abuse problem.

Back in Sept 2006, Tyler also revealed that he been going through treatment for Hepatitis C, a condition that he had had for several years. This medical issue was happening around the time he and his wife, Teresa, were divorcing after 17 years of marriage.

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Kelly Osbourne drunk

It’s no secret that - and the Osbourne family, in general - has had problems with addiction.  The reality star turned singer turned stage actress entered rehab back in 2004 after becoming addicted to painkillers.  She then sought treatment again in 2006 after relapsing.

Earlier this year, Ozzy and Sharon’s daughter addressed her addictive personality with Fabulous magazine:

“Addiction is a gene. I was born an addict and I’ll always be an addict, but I’ve learnt to live with it. There are different levels of addiction, whether it be drugs, spending money, overeating, or painting your nails 17 times a day. It’s an addictive gene and you have it the rest of your life.”

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Gary Dourdan, mug shot

Just a few weeks ago, TV Envy reported that Gary Dourdan would be leaving his post at CSI.  At the time, it appeared the actor who had played Warrick Brown since 2000 had made the decision to leave on his own.  But did he really?

Since that initial story, TV Guide hinted that Gary’s departure may have been prompted by studio execs.  Why?  Possibly because of an “ongoing problem personal to Dourdan.”

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Put-Description-HereThanks to Being Bobby Brown, the public already knows a lot more than they wanted to about the music industry’s Most Troubled Couple.  So really, what more could Bobby Brown say now?

Well, apparently a lot more.  In an upcoming tell-all, the New Edition singer pulls no punches about his less than angelic past.  But will pro- fans believe what he has to say?

According to the New York Post, the musician basically blames his history with cocaine on the turbulent union.  (Marijuana had been his drug of choice.) In Bobby Brown: Bobby Brown: The Truth, the Whole Truth and Nothing, he also admits that people may have been right to question the couple’s longevity from the start.

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Steve-O arrested!Neighbors can be real jackasses sometimes, can’t they?

personality Steve-O was arrested yesterday morning by his neighbor after the Jackass star apparently made a racket at 4 AM.  Officers followed shortly after the citizen’s arrest and Steve-O was then taken to the police station on suspicion of vandalism, an outstanding traffic warrant, and possession of a controlled substance (which isn’t too surprising).

Steve-O later divulged (via TMZ paparazzi) that his ruckus was with full intent to irk his neighbor, as he was boisterously hammering nails into the neighbor’s wall.

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