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Tuesday June 9, 2009 3:06 pm

Daily Snark : Topless pics and an outing nobody cares about

Posted by Colleen McKie Categories: Celebrities,

Brit should just cover up
The photographer responsible for those topless Britney Spear’s pics says that the singer knew about the pics and actually requested them. In a bid to help the star continue to clean up her crazy act, Daddy Dearest was trying to block the topless photos from hitting the Internet. 

So it’s okay to let your daughter star as a topless stripper in her video as long as her boobies don’t show?  That’s what, Rule #2 of how to be a great Dad?

Melody staying catty
Looks like at least one Pussycat Dolls refuses to keep quiet about trouble within the group and is quite happy to keep her claws out.

Melody Thornton is once again bitching about fellow Doll Nicole saying, “Nicole’s always had extra things going on as opposed to the rest of us, but we have aspirations as well. It’s definitely a huge misconception that we are just chilling and happy to just be members of the group.”

So, does this mean that the band could be splitting up?  Noppers. Thorton also said, “I don’t think we’re breaking up any time soon. As long as this thing is moving, we’re all still here.”

In other words?  As long as people are dumb enough to buy their crappy music, they’ll be around.

Rocker in need of a walker
Prince is in need of a double hip replacement, but refuses due to religious beliefs.

Too bad your religion didn’t forbid wearing 9 inch heels, eh Prince?  Then maybe you wouldn’t need the surgery.

Adam Lambert announces he’s gay
Well, duh.




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