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Tuesday June 2, 2009 7:19 pm

Daily Snark: Babies, barf bags and a crazy Aussie

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At least there will be barf bags
With Twilight kicking ass at the recent MTV movie awards and a full on convention dedicated to all things Twilight set for later this summer, what else is there left for this mega movie to do? 

Hey, I know!  How about a cruise!!

Yeppers, there is a Twilight cruise set to sail in 2010.  The ship will leave from Washington and suck through Alaska and British Columbia.  Yeah, when I think cheesy romantic vampire movie I totally think of Alaska and BC.

You can even bump elbow with stars of the film.  Ashley Greene and Kellan Lutz will be on the cruise.

Yeah, I don’t know who they are either.

Glamorous outing
So it seems that American Idol runner up, Adam Lambert, is planning on coming out in the next issue of Rolling Stone.

What?  He’s gay?  I supposed Clay Aiken is, too.

Mel Gibson flaps his sugar lips
Ticked off at all the gossip about him, Mel Gibson laid down the law at his church.  He recently went on a rant, telling members of the congregation, including a couple of priest and a bishop that if the gossip about his marriage breaking up and him knocking up some Russian while still technically married doesn’t stop, he’ll shut the church down.

Really, Mel?  You’ll shut the church down? I thought you only had the power to make extremely long period movies. 

Heathers II
With the flurry of 80s movie remakes and sequels, it should come as no surprise that the cult classic Heathers is slated to get its own sequel, complete with Christian Slater. 

Winona Ryder, who co-stared in the original with Slater, recently said “Christian [Slater] has agreed to come back as a kind of Obi-Wan character.”

And what’s your role Winona?  Lipstick stealing soccer Mom?

And baby make 4.  Or possibly 5
Nicole Kidman and hubby Keith Urban are all set to adopt a Vietnamese child.  Seems they are anxious to give ten month old Sunday Rose a sibling. 

Nicole has two adopted children with ex Tom Cruise and she is reported to be pregnant again.

If you want to catch up to Madonna and Angelina, Nicole, better get a move on it.

At least Paris Hilton only collects puppies.



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