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Saturday September 3, 2016 10:46 am

Bleeding Edge TV 591: SCOTTeVEST Puffer Jacket review

SCOTTeVEST makes technology enabled clothing, which is great for travel, or just those of us who carry a lot of gadgets with us on a daily basis. It really is some of the best travel clothing you can buy. In this episode, I bring you a look at the SCOTTeVEST Puffer Jacket, an article of clothing that has a bit more flair and style to it - as well as 19 different pockets for holding all your stuff. You aren't going to believe how much stuff I'm carrying in this one.

You can pick up the SCOTTeVEST Puffer now.

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Video Transcript:

A lot of people probably don’t know this, but my very first break in becoming a tech reviewer came over 11 years ago thanks to SCOTTeVEST - they were the first company to believe in me enough to send me a review unit of their products. In fact, the very first article ever published on Gear Live was a SCOTTeVEST interview conducted with Scott Jordan…and if you haven’t seen him on Shark Tank, you have to go check that out. Over the years, SCOTTeVEST has continued to release what they call Technology Enabled Clothing, and which it was always very functional, some said the look of the lineup was kind of bland or plain. However, they’ve recently stepped up their game in the fashion department, and this red puffer jacket caught my eye, because I’ve always wanted to find out what happens when that Hotline Bling.

If you’re unfamiliar with SCOTTeVEST, they make travel tech clothing…but really, you don’t need to be going on some big trip - they clothes basically make it easy to carry around all of your gear without the need for a bulky bag or backpack. They do that by strategically placing pockets throughout the clothing. In the case of this Puffer Jacket, it may not look like it from the outside, but it’s got 19 pockets. Let me give you a look at how you can get geared up with SCOTTeVEST by showing you what I have in my pockets.

I don’t have anything in this pocket, but here you see right off the bat that they’ve built in a keyring holder which stretches out, so you can safely store your keys without losing them. On the other side, what looks like a single pocket from the outside, actually has two additional pockets hidden on the inside. Now let’s open it up and see where the magic happens.

In the rear, there’s a pocket that’s so large, I use it to carry my 12-inch MacBook. That in and of itself saves me from having to carry an additional bag. Moving to the inner right side of the jacket, I’ve got the HTC 10 smartphone in this pocket. The front lining is actually make of a see-through material that lets you interact with the touch screen on your device, which I think is pretty clever. One thing I did notice though is that these pockets aren’t the best for larger-sized phones, which you’ll see in a minute.

Here this side pocket is made for storing your shades. I’ve got a pair in here as you can see, and the cool thing is that SCOTTeVEST even includes a cloth wipe that’s attached on the inside of the pocket, so you always have a way to wipe off your lenses. Here on the bottom right-hand pocket, I’ve got a Seagate Porche Design USB-C external hard drive, as well as an Amazon Kindle Oasis.

On the other side, you see a second smartphone-optimized pocket, with my larger iPhone 6S Plus poking out of the top. It’s a little more difficult to use a large phone through the material this way, but it’s still a good way to carry it around. You can also thread a pair of earbuds from this pocket up through the lining of the jacket, ensuring your cords stay out of the way and tangle free.

The next pocket below this one is actually pretty deep. So much so that I can comfortable fit in my iPad mini 4 with plenty of space left over. Below that, I’ve got my Anker power bank, which allows me to keep everything else that I carry with me powered up.

Now obviously I didn’t use all 19 pockets, but that’s the point. The pockets are there for you to use them however it’s best for you, and this is what works for me. The jacket is balanced perfectly so you don’t feel bogged down, and you don’t end up looking lumpy while wearing it - after all you wanna look good while wearing your jacket, so you shouldn’t have to worry about looking like you’re smuggling a bunch of  fruit inside your puffer.

If you’re headed to the airport, this jacket can even serve as a bonus carry-on with all the stuff it can hold. Put all your essentials here and leave your pants pockets empty, and when you get to security, just put the jacket in a bin and take your shoes off - no need to empty your pockets. That’s just straight up convenient.

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