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Saturday September 3, 2016 10:04 am

Bleeding Edge TV 589: HTC 10 camera review

I bring you my HTC 10 Camera Review in this episode. I wanted to review the HTC 10 camera specifically because many in the media reviewed it too early. The pre-launch camera software was slow and buggy, but an update was released for the camera a couple of days before the HTC 10 went on sale to the general public, which vastly improved the camera experience. Check out the camera videos and image samples included in this episode. What do you think? What's your favorite smartphone camera?

You can pick up the HTC 10 now.

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Video Transcript:

The HTC 10 has been on the receiving end of some flack in early reviews due to the pre-launch camera software, but a camera software update was released a couple of days before launch. So, let’s see how the HTC 10 camera stacks up in the real world.

In case you haven’t seen it, you’ll probably wanna start by watching my initial HTC 10 full review. I’ll leave a link in the comments, along with a card above to make it easy for you to find. I’ve also got a video looking at what I think are the top five features of this device.

Quick Launch for the camera is a little weird. You have to use a double-swipe on the display to launch it, but I’ve found it to be super inconsistent. I wish that I could just use a long press on one of the volume buttons to bring up the camera instead.

The high-res audio that the camera picks up is also nice and clean. It’s hard to distinguish it from other smartphones on the market, so I’m not going to say it records the best audio, but what I can say is that I have zero complaints about the sound quality.

Focusing is nice and quick thanks to the laser autofocus mechanism, and this one works a lot better than other laser autofocus systems I’ve used on other devices. Here you can see that I can move an amiibo around the frame, and the autofocus works almost instantly while I do it.

One of my favorite things though is that the images aren’t oversaturated like you might find on something like the Samsung Galaxy S7 line. Colors may appear muted at first glance, but they’re much more true to life.

Low-light shooting really surprised me - the cameras capture a lot of light, and you’ll see what I mean in a moment when I’m outside shooting a video with the selfie camera - the sky was dark, and in the video it almost looks like it’s the middle of the day.

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