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Justin TimberlakeMONDAY (9/3)

  • Justin Timberlake Concert Special (HBO, 9pm):  JT brings sexy to Madison Square Garden
  • Kyle XY (ABC Family, 8pm):  mid-season finale


  • The View (ABC,  check local times):  Whoopi Goldberg officially joins the looney bin today
  • Oprah (syndicated, check local times):  Special appearance by President Bill Clinton
  • The Singing Bee (NBC, 8pm):  fall premiere


  • Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style (Bravo, 10pm):  ‘s guru revamps fashion disasters with the help of model Veronica Webb
  • Sunday Night Football (NBC, 8:30 EST):  Special Thursday kickoff day (New Orleans Saints vs. Indianapolis Colts)
  • Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader? (FOX, 8pm):  fall premiere
  • Don’t Forget The Lyrics (FOX, 9pm):  fall premiere

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TimbalandI’m honestly not sure if anyone cares anymore—because I know I stopped a long time ago—but don’t say I didn’t warn you…

Unlike recent years when you could catch a rerun of the Video Music Awards for weeks on end (usually following an episode of ), the cable channel has finally smartened up and made it a more exclusive event.  Why cheapen a show by milking it to death?  Then again, this is coming from a network that has already cheapened it’s image thanks to the mere presence of Next and (

insert the name of any other MTV show here


So in hopes of bringing back the audience that has disappeared during the show’s premiere time slot, the channel will air 2007’s telecast one time only.  In other words, they are basically following the lead of every other high-profile awards program (e.g. The , , ) that forces people to gather in large numbers at one time.  Additionally, the network is promising to revamp the telecast overall and has even brought on uber-producer Timbaland to be the evening’s musical director.  Now if they can promise me that will make the rumored surprise appearance (and does a trash-tastic performance at that)—I’ll be there.  Better yet, I hope she cancels unexpectedly.

Take note:  The Moon Men will be handed out on September 9th from the Palms Casino in Las Vegas.

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Gallery: Only One Chance To Watch MTV’s VMAs

MTV VMAEach year, the VMAs honor the artists that give us the most appealing music videos – somehow, the artists who get the nods are also top sellers. Beyonce and Justin Timberlake cleared seven nominations each, and both are up for video of the year. MTV’s glitzy awards show always features live music, celebrity interviews, and plenty of moon man statues. Beyonce got the video of the year nod for “Irreplaceable,” while Timberlake’s “What Goes Around…Comes Around” and “D.A.N.C.E.” both grabbed a spot in this best-of-the-best category. Amy Winehouse was nominated for “Rehab,” Rihanna for “Umbrella,” and Kanye West will compete with “Stronger” for video of the year. 

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Kim and Sean Kim Porter, the longtime girlfriend of Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs, is reportedly moving out of his home despite having given birth 7-months ago.  The couple had been together for approximately 10 years… that’s if you count the time they were actually apart (a.k.a The Time Puffy Was Dating J.Lo).  When that high-profile relationship ended, Combs went right back to the woman who had already mothered his son, Christian.

After Kim delivered twin daughters D’Lila and Jessie last December, I sincerely hoped that Sean would stick by her side and marry her (not that anyone has to get married or anything).  But now rumor has it that an actress famous for her own love problems may have something to do with this latest breakup.

Page Six is reporting that Combs spent many late-nights partying with Sienna Miller instead of rocking his girls to sleep shortly after they were born.  Additionally, they recently were seen spending time together after the concert for Princess Diana.  Apparently being cheated on by Jude Law doesn’t pre-empt you from doing the cheating…

Those wondering, like me, why people find him so appealing can try watching the current season of Making the Band 4 (MTV) to figure it out.

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Celebrity Fit Club

Now that we’ve said goodbye to June and its 30 days of weddings, trips to the beach, and the slow, crippling realization that it’s still a long, long time until comes back, why don’t we take a few minutes and look back at the best and worst of June reality TV?  Nope, that was a rhetorical question.  Yes, I know, there are lots of reasons not to look back, and yet I’m going to do it anyway.

Oh, and it doesn’t really fit here because it’s not a reality show, but Flight of the Conchords on HBO is pretty hilarious.  I don’t really have enough to say about it to write a full column, obviously, but it’s definitely worth checking out.  Okay, here we go…

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My Super Sweet SixteenHaving been so negative for a few weeks, I thought I would take this week to be all about accentuating the positive, being a gigantic cheerleader for summer reality shows.  Like Poison so sagely warned us, though, all of these roses will have a few thorns, but I’ll try to get past them.  Oh, and Poison also taught us that you can unashamedly rhyme the words “tonight” and “all night” (because that’s when they wanted action and satisfaction, respectively).  Here are some of the reality shows I’ve been watching and why you should join me.

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