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Tyra vs NaomiIf watching America’s Next Top Model doesn’t provide you with enough model tension to last you through the week, we hope you caught today’s episode of The Tyra Banks Show.  We finally got to witness the long-awaited ‘face off’ between supermodels Tyra Banks and Naomi Campbell.  After being compared to Naomi for most of her career, Tyra finally got to unload her feelings on her alleged rival.  Banks admitted on the show that she gave up modeling to avoid being in Naomi’s shadow.  She also took time out to blame the media and the modeling biz for creating the competition.  In the spirit of her idol, Oprah, Tyra wanted to have this discussion because she hoped to stop the hatred and jealousy that women often have towards each other.  Hellooooo, Tyra.  If you keep women from hating each other, you wouldn’t have anything to keep America’s Next Top Model afloat!

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Povich Chung on MSNBCWhat do you get when you combine a former CBS anchorwoman with the man best-known for collecting paternity tests? The new anchor team for MSNBC:  Connie Chung and Maury Povich.  Despite being married for 20 years, this is the first time that the married lovebirds will appear on a national news program together.  Debuting the weekend of January 7th, the unnamed news program will take a look at the weeks headlines - ranging from politics to pop culture - and will include live guests.  Kind of like a cross between The Daily Show and The Soup?  Coincidentally, the executive producer of the show is a former head writer for The Daily Show.

I must say – I’ve always thought that Maury and Connie made quite an interesting pair.  But I’ve always wondered how Maury could come home at the end of the night and not be ridiculed for his latest episode of “Who’s Your Daddy?“  Then again, Connie’s been off the air since 2003 while he’s currently in his eighth year of Maury…so I guess she really doesn’t have any room to criticize.

In case you were wondering, the latest round of paternity results will be revealed this Friday on Maury.

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