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Grey's AnatomyIn Heroes, Whores and Handmaidens: 3rd Annual Golden Lamp Awards Rank Best and Worst Media Portrayals of Nursing in 2005, nurses set the record straight. Seems they aren’t oversexed ditzes after all. And here I thought everything on television was true. The list covers the (episode-specific) best and worst portrayals of television nurses. The absolute worst? Grey’s Anatomy, with a whopping six nominations. Ouch.

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HouseMy sources haven’t let me down yet, and they’ve passed along something huge about the best medical drama on television: House, M.D. Are these rumors true? Time will tell! Spoilers after the jump, in case you’d rather be surprised.

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House CastIn honor of the best time of the television year — sweeps, of course — we’d like to provide you with some spoilers for your favorite shows. First up: House, M.D. Just what’s in store for our favorite misanthrope? Spoilage after the jump.

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Cynthia NixonThis is an early announcement, but I’m excited , so I’m posting it now. My favorite actress, Cynthia Nixon, from my favorite (sadly gone) television show, Sex and the City, will guest star on another of my favorite shows, House, in December. Cynthia Nixon will play a patient who butts head with House and refuses to back down in the face of the acerbic House-style insults. If anyone can give it back to House, it’s the fiery Cynthia Nixon. I know I’ll be glued to the TV for this episode.

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