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Heroes The new fall television season is still a few weeks away.  In other words—you should have enough time to catch up on that show everyone keeps talking about.  Here are some of the other TV-on-DVD options coming out tomorrow:

  • Heroes (Season 1)
  • Friday Night Lights (Season 1)
  • The Odd Couple (Season 2)
  • Samurai Jack (Season 4)

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Veronica Mars, star of the now-defunct Veronica Mars, has found a new home on NBC’s .  She accepted the role after weighing another offer to be on ABC’s Is she that

good?  Apparently she smartly realized that it was best to join a series that was still on an upswing.

While Bell’s character, Elle, is still a bit of a mystery…we do know that she has ties to Peter, H.R.G and Claire.  We also know that she will have a power.  Having never been a viewer of her old show, I really know nothing about Bell—aside from her horrible rendition of ‘Fame’ on the 2005 .  Here’s to hoping her presence will not come with an equally loud thud.

Expect to see the addition of Elle this October.

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EmmyThe 59th annual Primetime Emmy Awards have been announced, giving the biggest honors (17 nominations) to ’s Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee. AMC’s Broken Trail just missed the top slot with 16 nominations. After a review of the best comedy, drama, reality, and variety series of the year, a look at the TV movies and mini-series, the die has been cast. Many were nominated, but few will win. Did your favorite show, movie, or mini-series get the nod from the Primetime Emmys? There’s only one way to find out.

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The Black DonnellysFans of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip are about to see the show bumped off the schedule one week earlier than originally planned. NBC was to premiere the new drama The Black Donnellys in early March, but instead moved the broadcast up a week. The midseason replacement will take over Studio 60‘s Monday night slot at 10:00 p.m. Donnellys is expected to be a hit, partly because its from the team who created the film Crash and partly because its lead-in will be Heroes. Look for The Black Donnellys on Monday, February 26th. NBC has not yet announced when Studio 60 will reappear on the schedule, making fans nervous that it may never return.  Studio 60 has not proven to be much of a ratings winner, with only 7 million viewers; 8.58 million if you factor in delayed viewing. Heroes will take a break following the March 5 cliffhanger, and returns in April and May to finish out the season.

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Peter PetrelliAt the risk of spoiling part of last night’s episode of , I felt like talking about it a bit, because this was a pivotal moment in the series that hints at many things to come. Namely, for the first time, Peter was able to use a power acquired from someone else, without being in the vicinity of the person.

So how did it happen? As we saw in the show last night, Mr. Invisible threw Peter off of the roof of The Artist’s building, thinking that it would force Peter to fly. Instead, something more spectacular happened ... Peter crashed into the roof of a taxi. Peter explained his miraculous survival as having thought of The Cheerleader just before he landed, but I think there was more to it.

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