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Grey's Anatomy Bright and early this morning, the Emmy nominations were announced from Hollywood. There’s certainly an interesting mix this time around with the change in nomination procedures – you’ll notice no mention of Lost in the major categories and none of the leading ladies of Desperate Housewives. Here are the major categories:

Best Drama
Grey’s Anatomy
The Sopranos
The West Wing

Best Comedy
Arrested Development
Two and a Half Men
Curb Your Enthusiasm
The Office

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Katharine McPheeIn the August issue of Teen People, Katharine McPhee reveals that she recently auditioned for the HBO hit Entourage.  The young female character would have a fling with actor Vincent Chase (a.k.a. ‘Aquaman’).  No word yet whether Katharine has landed the role—but I’m actually hoping she doesn’t get it.  Although the show thrives on actors playing true-to-life cameos, I think that bringing on any contestant from American Idol would cheapen the show—whether they are playing themselves or not.  The producers of Entourage should leave the bit parts for the real actors.

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Everybody Hates ChrisThis year’s Emmy nominations will be announced July 6 and perhaps new nominating guidelines will make 2006 the “year of the underdog”.

Last year showed some progress, with nominations gained by new hits such as Lost, Desperate Housewives and the recently-cancelled, cult-hit Arrested Development (which won seven awards last year).

Apparently some rules have been instated this year that will give newer shows (and shows from less popular networks, such as UPN, FX, and the WB) an even better chance at getting an award. The new system will allow members of the Academy to choose ten to fifteen finalists (depending on category), later cut to five main nominees by a panel of judges.

A few of this year’s hopefuls include The Office (NBC), My Name is Earl (NBC), Rescue Me (FX), Grey’s Anatomy (ABC), Gilmore Girls (WB), Battlestar Galactica (SciFi), Everybody Hates Chris (UPN), and Entourage (HBO).

Of course, some regular faces will be sure to make appearance on the list such as members of The West Wing and The Sopranos. (Thank goodness Fraiser is off the air, although Will & Grace may return for one last year of nominations, despite the end of the series a few months ago).

The awards will air on August 27.

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EntourageAri predicted that Vince would have offers pouring in as soon as the movie opened at #1. Now that it has, Eric is calling Ari bright and early Monday morning wanting him to pay up. Claiming that his word is good, Ari tells them to get to his office first thing. Turtle, Drama and Eric try to make a clean getaway, but Dom manages to wake up in time for the meeting… and just in time to take the driver’s seat away from Turtle once again.  As they approach Ari’s office, Eric asks Dom to be on his best behavior. Having been rehabilitated by the State of New York, Dom claims that he is a changed man. But he is still willing to beat up the ‘Oriental’ (Lloyd) if he catches him looking at him.

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Unable to sleep, Ari gives Eric a 5am call on the day of the movie’s opening.  Ari asks Eric to talk dirty to him—right before he projects a huge first weekend:  $95 million… #1 or bust.  After he gets off the phone, Mrs. Ari unsuccessfully tries to get her hubby in the mood.  Ari says that it will all have to wait until after the premiere—even though it’s been 3 weeks already.

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HBO LogoHBO is taking some of your favorite shows and putting them on your iPod.  The cable powerhouse is now launching podcasts for Deadwood, Entourage, Lucky Louie and Dane Cook’s Tourgasm.  When you log on you’ll find that there are a lot of extras such as behind-the-scenes footage and interviews.  HBO reportedly plans on releasing new clips until the summer season wraps up in August.  If you’re going through The Sopranos withdrawal, you can also get a behind-the-scenes podcast on the HBO Web site.

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HBOSunday night saw the third season premieres of HBO Originals Deadwood and Entourage. The former had about 2.4 million viewers, which is something of a let-down for the show. On the other hand, Entourage‘s numbers represent that shows continued steady building of an audience. By the way, that night’s premiere of Lucky Louie, the network’s first “traditional” sitcom, managed only a paltry 1.5 viewers.

With The Sopranos winding down, and with the loss in the past couple of years of hits like Sex and the City and Six Feet Under, one has to wonder if HBO is finally losing steam, artistically. Sure, Entourage and The Wire still get buzz, and Rome has a small-but-devoted following.
But the network is giving up on Deadwood after this season (though it will wrap up the story lines with two, two-hour movies), though the show is still artistically vital and exciting as ever, if Sunday’s premiere was any indication. The show’s almost baroque use of language and multi-layered plot threads perhaps make it very hard to follow for the casual viewer perhaps, but time was when HBO didn’t seem to care about that stuff so much. Heck, even the meandering, introspective (read: fewer whackings ) recent season of The Sopranos seemed to bore most viewers, though David Chase’s evolving artistic vision impressed a vocal minority even further; the ratings dipped a bit, but were still better than anything else on Pay Cable, of course.

With the financially-induced demise of Deadwood imminent, and the advent of a more traditional show like Lucky Louie (which I have not seen, but hear was nothing special), I am starting to wonder if HBO is losing some of its creative edge and becoming more, well, network-y. I also have to wonder how much they take things like repeats and On Demand into consideration when looking at their ratings, since many people now don’t see these shows right when they first air. I’d love to see some other opinions on this issue. Also, I have to tell people: if you’re not on the Deadwood bandwagon yet, it’s never too late to get on. In my humble opinion, it’s one of the best three shows on TV, period.

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The premiere picks up several months after last season’s finale. Aquaman has already been filmed and the premiere is just days away.  The most important task at hand right now is figuring out which of the lovely ladies out there are premiere-ticket worthy.

Ari, of course, has other matters to worry about.  His new West Hollywood digs don’t come with cleaning staff… or a working elevator… or a parking garage.  His main client, Vince Chase, is coming by for his first visit and Ari is freaking out.  As usual, his small staff of nine bears the brunt of his outbursts.

Although Vince seems perfectly at ease about his upcoming night, Ari is far from calm.  Vince apparently doesn’t recognize the importance of the evening and Ari wants to make sure he rises to the occasion.  This is Vinnie’s opportunity to show the world that is is man not a boy, and his date choice for the evening must reflect his status.  Simply arriving with his usual entourage will not suffice.  Vince still doesn’t seem concerned but decides that the only woman he would want to invite is his mom.  AQUAMOM!.  Vince’s brother, Johnny ‘Drama’, believes he would have to pull off a miracle to get her to LA… especially considering that she has never made an appearance at any of his affairs.  Regardless,  Vince is convinced that he can make it work.

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Adrien GrenierOkay—you’re probably wondering how I could be criticizing a show that hasn’t even started its season yet… especially since I recently praised its return.

As I mentioned before, I only started watching the show during Season 2…and I think I’ve finally figured out why.  If there was one thing I could do to make this stellar show even better, it would be this:  CUT ADRIEN GRENIER’S HAIR!!!

For someone who’s supposed to be the central character of the show, I have always found him extremely unappealing—and extremely unattractive.  I remember back to the day when he was starring as the romantic lead opposite Sabrina the Teenage Witch in Drive Me Crazy.  I couldn’t for the life of me then understand why he would drive anyone crazy.  (Unless, of course, they were forced to stare at his unibrow and unruly hair). 

So needless to say, I still can’t figure out why he is the money maker of the show’s entourage.  How could James Cameron find him appealing enough to make him the star of Aquaman?  (I’m referring to an actual storyline within the show…Lord knows when James Cameron will actually direct another movie in real life).  How could Mandy Moore consider leaving her fiancee to be with him?  (Of course, another storyline within the show).

I was secretly praying that his coif would improve during the show’s hiatus, but when I saw the recent ads for the premiere—all my hopes were dashed.  Instead of getting shorter, his hair actually grew longer.  I can’t say it enough….thank gawd for Jeremy Piven.

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Yes—it’s only been about a week since the main season finales (I’m not counting the yet-to-air Apprentice finale) and I have to admit that I’m feeling a little off.  With all this time on my hands, I am faced with two major questions in my life:  Is there anything for me to watch this summer… and without TV, do I really have a life? If you are like me and are dreading answering the latter, I have some possible suggestions for you.  While there may not a plethora of offerings to keep my summer filled, I do have a few shows that will keep a few of my nights occupied.  All these shows were things that I discovered last summer, so I’m anxious to see if I can uncover a few more golden nuggets this year:

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