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This time of the year is the perfect time for ‘Best and Worst’ lists, so we present our Best and Worst of TV 2005. Worst first, because we all know that’s the most fun. We take a look at the various events and situations that made us turn our heads this year. Full article after the jump.

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In movies and in television, previews have become more and more revealing. In fact, they often give away the ‘secrets’ of upcoming episodes. Fans were not happy when last week’s Gilmore Girls preview did just that. After waiting months for a mother-daughter reconciliation between Lorelai and Rory, fans were disappointed to see the big moment in the previews for the following show. Not only did it give away the fact that they would reunite on the next show; it actually showed the much-anticipated moment of reconciliation! The preview also gave major hints at a spoiler coming up concerning Luke.

After months of waiting, the fans want a big payoff, revealed in the episode. Previews are supposed to intrigue, build excitement, and make people want to watch the program. How can we be intrigued if we already know the ending? It’s like somebody telling you what your birthday present is before you open it.

Television execs: please let us open our own presents!

Gallery: The Lost Art of the Preview

Green GiantRealizing that children in this day and age just aren’t getting their fill of vegetables, the Jolly Green Giant has come out of his slumber to be the face of a new campaign. Backed by General Mills, the Giant can be seen in print and television spots named “For the Love of Vegetables,” promoting both the health and tasty goodness that can be found in vegetables. It seems that Santa must again get used to sharing “Ho ho ho.”

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