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Saturday October 18, 2008 2:50 am

Dean Browski Retracts Pick: Likes Rams not Cowboys

I just returned from a celebration.  A night of laughter and pride.  I attended a high school football game in Southeastern Pennsylvania.  The game was a big deal; at least for the people I spent time with.  The team I was hanging out with won, so I had the honor of being in attendance at a coaches’ post game celebratory gathering.  It was good times!

Rams Cheerleader
So it’s Friday night and I get back to where I am laying my head and it dawns on me that despite the drunkenness and thoughts of ‘adult-type’ online entertainment, I have work to do.  As I was browsing ESPN.com, I see a link under the main news section about a fine to Incognito for $35,000.  I say to myself, “Who the f^ck is Incognito?!?”.  Say that, say “Who the f^ck is Incognito?” and tell me if you don’t laugh.  Regardless, I am intrigued and I click the link.  What I read made me change my selection in the Cowboys/Rams game.

Read the article and perhaps you will see what I mean.  If you don’t want to read the article, or would just rather have someone tell you how everything works, then here’s the deal.

The Rams are a very bad football team, I am the first to point out who I think is good and I think is bad.  However, I also subscribe to the belief that in the NFL the talent differential is small enough that it can change, in many cases, with the simplest of things.  In the case of the Rams it is actually quite obvious.  Jim Haslett is now the head coach.  Read the article about how Coach Haslett responded to his player being fined.  Know that the player’s actions put the team in an absolutely horrendous spot.  The Rams went from facing a 34 yard field goal, to facing a 49-yard field goal.  Did I mention that the field goal was to win the game, the first win of the Rams season?!  Well it was.

The kicker made it.  But that is beside the point for this week.  The article I want you to read describes the effect a coach can have on a team.  Jim Haslett gets guys to play hard, and he can win regular season football games.  He is also auditioning for a long-term contract and I believe he is a guy that can present his own case very well.

Anyway, after reading THE ARTICLE I am changing my selection in the Cowboys/Rams game from the Cowboys -7 to the Rams +7.



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