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Wednesday July 11, 2012 3:52 pm

Poached eggs sous-vide recipe

Eggs sous-vide on hash browns

We recently completed the Whole30 challenge and are now settled in to eating a paleo diet. I am not the one that does the cooking in the house but yesterday Andru told me about sous-vide cooking and we actually backed the Nomiku from Kickstarter after watching their video. Shortly after I saw a tweet with a video showing how to sous-vide an egg without buying an $800 machine, and I wanted to know more. I don't regret our Nomiku purchase at all--it wasn't $800--but since it won't arrive until December, I wanted to find something else in the meantime.

Sous vide eggs ramekin

The instructions were short and easy to follow.  I took a square of Cling Wrap and brushed it with some coconut oil that happened to already be melted since we are having a bit of a heat wave right now. I added salt, pepper, and freshly-chopped rosemary to the Cling Wrap square. I then put the square on top of a ramekin, held loosely enough so it lined the dish instead of a tight seal on the top, cracked an egg into the ramekin, and grabbed the edges to create a pouch. I needed something to seal my pouch so in the pictures what you will see is pink yarn.

Poached Eggs sous-vide recipe

The one mistake I will change next time is that I let a little pocket of air between the egg and the yarn "seal" on top. I put the two eggs into gently-boiling water for 3 minutes and 10 seconds. As the timer counted down I noticed that the little pocket of air was floating so I used my slotted spoon to push fully submerge these under the water.

Sous vide eggs

When the timer went off, I was pleased with the outcome. One of my eggs came out perfect, and the other needed just a few more seconds to finish cooking the top portion that had been floating - a great lesson to learn to make sure all of the egg is under water.  These were so simple to make, I will definitely cook them a few times a week!



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