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Thursday November 8, 2012 11:59 pm

World Of Warcraft For The Win!

Posted by Tom Mason Categories: Editorials, Video Games,

World Of WarcraftIn all the excitement of the 2012 election, one race has been overlooked by fans of comics, science fiction, fantasy and gaming: World of Warcraft has achieved a stunning victory, thanks to a Democrat.

Demons in the Republican Party of Maine tried to smear candidate Colleen Lachowicz as unfit for public office because of her mad gaming skills - she plays WoW as "a level-85 orc named Santiaga."

According to news reports, the Republican Party accused her of leading "a bizarre double life and set up a website revealing her participation in World of Warcraft. Not only did the site show off a picture of the orc rogue assassin character she plays, it also dug up online comments she made about her love of the (sometimes violent) game. The Republican Party also sent out mailers as well as a press release claiming her 'disturbing alter-ego' had been 'revealed.'"

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Quick! To the fainting couch!

The people of Maine weren't having any of that. They know gamers are just as good as everyone else - and many of them are gamers and fans as well - and they voted in Lachowicz as the senator-elect for Maine's District 25.

She beat out the incumbent Republican. So there. Gamers rule! New achievement unlocked, indeed!

And a note to politicians of all parties: you're not going to win by attacking pop culture fans. This isn't the 1950s anymore.

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