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Friday October 8, 2010 9:46 pm

Weekend Reading: Wonder Woman, Alex Toth, NYCC and Star Wars

Wonder WomanDoesn’t everyone who’s not there wish they were at the New York Comic Con this weekend? Or is it just me?

Big announcements all across the board. Marvel and DC are cutting prices which won’t boost sales enough for the Big Two to make the same amount of money. But it’s good news for non-Big Two publishers who can try to tap into the money customers are saving and steer it their way. I’m looking at you Boom!, Dynamite, Moonstone and IDW.

DC’s also cutting the story count down to 20 pages. Since there aren’t that many paid ads anymore, anyone want to wager on when the $2.99 printed comics go from 32 pages down to 24 to further reduce costs?

And in the wake of his supervisor stepping down, Bob Wayne‘s been given a promotion and stays in New York. Well played.

At Project Child Murdering Robot, Ricky Sprague has some thoughts about the new Wonder Woman TV series in development by David E. Kelley (Ally McBeal; Boston Legal). His advice: “Please don’t shy away from her glorious bondage past.”

Toasting Toth: Who doesn’t love Alex Toth? John Kricfalusi posts panels from a really nice story and breaks down his love for it.

Toth II: Daniel Best at 20th Century Danny Boy has some great information of Alex Toth and the artist’s time in Australia. Bonus: lots of Toth artwork.

El Gorgo!: All Pulp interviews Tamas Jakab, the artist and co-creator of one of my favorite indy comics!

Tatooine: Jeremy Messersmith’s song Tatooine has been turned into a paper cut-out retelling of the original Star Wars trilogy by animator Eric Power. Cartoon Brew has the awesome video.

Bill Everett: I didn’t know much about the guy who created Sub-Mariner, and I didn’t even know this book existed. But I want it, and I want it now. Mike Lorah at Newsarama has more.

Underground: Boing Boing has a review of Underground, the graphic novel by Jeff Parker and illustrated by Steve Lieber. Mark Frauenfelder likes it a lot.

Numbers: Bully’s got the results of the 2010 Gotham City Census. Who knew there were so many henchmen?

Beau Knows: Mr. Beau Smith travels through his memories to talk about a couple of his favorite comics, and has an update on his new IDW original graphic novel: Wynonna Earp: The Yeti Wars. I’m all in for it.

Heidi: Chris Arrant at Robot 6 has an interview with one of my favorite writers who isn’t usually interviewed: Heidi MacDonald at The Beat.

Filthy Rich: Novelist James Reasoner sits down with Brian Azzarello’s Filthy Rich graphic novel, illustrated by Victor Santos, and gives it a qualified recommendation. “Well, you know the mix of embittered protagonist, beautiful but amoral young woman, flashy nightclubs, and greed isn’t going to work out well, and sure enough, it doesn’t.”

Dick Tracy: The Comics Curmudgeon has all you’d ever want to know about “Dick Tracy, Undercover Hobo.”

Tank Girl: Rod Lott at Bookgasm has some Tank Girl news about her breakup with Booga. We are sad, but delighted.

The Dude: Mark Evanier reminds that it’s not too late to help Steve Rude (Nexus) dig out of his financial hole and save his home. Mark’s reasoning, as always, is perfect.

And, finally, it’s not comics, but it’s great to see that the late Ronnie Barker (the bigger half of The Two Ronnies) now has his own bronze statue.

That’s it for now. Enjoy your internets responsibly.

[Artwork: From the website Stupid Comics, Wonder Woman in her 1940s habitat, © DC Comics]



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