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Saturday December 4, 2010 2:16 am

Weekend Reading: Star Blazers, Shazam! And Monty Python

Star BlazersMovies, TV, and video games! This week had it all. And even some stuff about comic books. Let’s take a look:

Star Blazers: There’s a new live-action Star Blazers movie coming, and Forces of Geek has 7-minutes of it. You know you want to see it, twice.

Mike Grell: Here’s a short interview with the writer/artist on Warlord and Jon Sable Freelance. “Grell plans more with his popular Jon Sable character and has hopes that Starslayer may make its way to the movies.”

New Comics Friday: Gary Tyrrell at Fleen catches up on some webcomics he was previously unaware of.

Raven: Comic Book Resources is reporting that the CW is interested in a TV series on the mysterious Teen Titans character. This is a way better idea than Aquaman or Green Arrow. I also like it because that means my pal Marv Wolfman gets some checks (as does George Perez) for creating her.

Blam!: Sometimes, an artist can draw great super-heroes. And sometimes, an artist can draw a great anti-tank gun. Steve Holland’s Bear Alley has more on artist L. Ashwell Wood.

Clubbing: A comic book club gets the okay from the local school. Says the school’s guidance counselor: "There was a strong sense that if they wanted to sit around and talk about heroes they should get out there and act like heroes.”

Dandy: Lew Stringer shares a peek at the latest issue of the funny British comic.

Superman as written by Jack Kerouac.

Shazam!: Rod Lott looks at Bookgasm looks at Shazam!: The Golden Age Of The World's Mightiest Mortal and describes it thusly: “Awesome!” I want it for Christmas.

Hurter: Animator Michael Sporn posts a few more pages from Albert Hurter’s great book: He Drew As He Pleased (1948). Hurter worked on Disney films like Snow White and Pinocchio.

Meep-Meep: Have you seen the new live-action “Road Runner”-esque short film? Cartoon Brew has it up.

I really like this Hellboy drawing by Firebreather’s Andy Kuhn.

And finally, Monty Python games are coming to Facebook, which sounds like a much better waste of time than imaginary farming.

Now go forth and use your internets responsibly!

[Artwork: Star Blazers!]



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