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Friday October 12, 2012 6:18 pm

Weekend Reading: Kirby, Argo, Overstreet And Palooka

Argo 2For those of us who are not already at the NYCC this weekend, here’s how the internets can keep us occupied:

Why did the Judge Dredd 3D movie flop? Here are five reasons from What Culture.

Paul O’Connor at Longbox Graveyard finds much to love about Sean Howe’s new book, Marvel Comics: The Untold Story.

Scoop interviews Robert M. Overstreet, creator of the ubiquitous and essential Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide. “One of my favorite comics was Fox And The Crow. I would have Kix cereal in the morning and I would read my Fox & The Crow comics eating Kix.” I love that.

Jeff Mariotte writes about the problems of freelancing, his own writing career and a great comic strip called Cow And Boy by Mark Leiknes.

Did you know there’s a Joe Palooka comic coming out from IDW in December?

Novelist James Reasoner likes comic book writer Mike Baron’s (Nexus, Badger) new novel, Helmet Head, declaring it “not for the squeamish.”

Tom Spurgeon went to Ohio and had the best comics-related time anyone has ever had. With guest appearances by Roy Doty, Ivan Brunetti, and Jeff Smith.

Would you give Indiana Jones tenure at the university where he taught?

Writer-producer-director Ken Levine (M*A*S*H; Cheers) shares his vision for Superboy.

Marty McKee at Johnny LaRue’s Crane Shot looks at Spider-Man, the TV version with Nicholas Hammond.

Here’s a fun story about Steve Gerber, Frank Brunner and a duck from Sean Howe’s new book, Marvel Comics: The Untold Story.

Bare Bones wraps up its look at Batman comics in 1975 with titles released in December. “Batman and Detective Comics began 1975 (as far as cover dates go) still being issued bi-monthly in the 100 pages for sixty cents format. This lasted two issues each. The next nine issues of Detective were issued monthly, 36 pages for twenty-five cents.”

Roger Ebert likes Argo, the new movie from Ben Affleck that features Michael Parks as Jack Kirby. That’s right: Michael Parks as Jack Kirby.

And finally, because I will always link to something about Monty Python, John Cleese has landed a book deal.

Now, go forth and use your internets responsibly!

[Artwork: Argo]



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