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Sunday October 31, 2010 1:58 am

Weekend Reading: Halloween, Stan Lee, and The Walking Dead

Walking DeadHappy Halloween to all of you!

My costume this year is simple - I’m going to walk around with my iPad and call myself The Future Of Comics. Which, I admit, is something I do pretty much every day.

First off, congratulations to my pals at Boom! Studios and their sales on Stan Lee’s Soldier Zero #1. And kudos to Boom for sharing their actual numbers.

And if you’d like a 10-page freeview of the November release of Stan Lee’s The Traveler #1 by Mark Waid and Chris Hardin, Scoop has that for you too.

Let’s see what else is out on the internets...

Zombies: Pop culture historian Jim Beard writes about the Walking Dead phenomenon that will soon be sweeping the nation thanks to the new AMC TV series.

Beard, by the way, is the editor of a new anthology that looks back at the Batman TV series of the 1960s, Gotham City: 14 Miles.

Scott Cupp has a Forgotten Book that a lot of comic book fans should already have on their shelf: Norman Saunders, by his son David Saunders. It’s a well-illustrated biography of the famous painter of pulps, comics, men’s adventure and even Topps trading cards like Mars Attacks. “The words are there, but it is the pictures that draw you through the book.”

Frankenstein: One of the things I’m particularly proud to have had a part in publishing was an adaptation of Frankenstein by Martin Powell and Patrick Olliffe. I think it’s really terrific and Martin writes about it in a guest post at Frankensteinia, the blog for all things Frank.

Age of TV Heroes: My pal George Khoury has a new book out and he just got profiled by his local paper.

Bears: One of the Chicago Bears players likes comic books. You can pretty much find a story like this every week in old media, thanks to lazy publicists: famous person likes something.

Walt Disney Team-Up: I missed this from a while ago. Animator Michael Sporn has a story from Walt Disney Comics & Stories where a talking Dumbo teams up with the Seven Dwarfs from Snow White.

Machine Of Death: The new book with a webcomic pedigree is the subject of Nora Rawlinson’s post at Early Word.

Doonesbury: Lance Mannion talks about America’s greatest novelist, Garry Trudeau.

Graphic Novel: Invest Comics has a look at The Vietnam War: A Graphic History by Dwight Jon Zimmerman and artist Wayne Vansant: “the creative team chronicles the situations leading to the conflict, the confusion behind the scenes and the dividing of the home front. In the time you read this book, you’ll have an unbiased and completely accurate look at the most controversial war in American history.”

Bondage: Can there be too many bondage covers featuring Lois Lane? Nope. Not according to Blastr...and me.

Warlord of Io: Over at Bookgasm, Alan Cranis takes a look at Slave Labor’s new book by James Turner. “The results are generally fun and a treat to the eyes.”

And finally, may your tricks be few and your treats be many.

[Artwork: The Walking Dead]



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