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Saturday February 11, 2012 10:23 pm

Weekend Reading: Gary Friedrich, Walking Dead, Ted McKeeer & Arcana

Walking Dead Book OneWhat a weird, weird funnybook week. Let’s take a look:

Artist Tony Moore is suing writer Robert Kirkman over his portion of money from The Walking Dead.

Gary Friedrich is getting legally crapped on by Marvel Comics.

DC Comics is still legally battling over Superman.

Columbia Pictures drops The Boys from their film roster.

Vietnam is banning comic books.

And how was the rest of the week?

If you've ever thought about opening a used bookstore, here are 25 Things you might discover.

Mondo #1The above link came from sf writer Jay Lake’s blog. Jay keeps an excellent blog of links, posts about his writing and his cancer. If you like his blog, you’ll love his novels.

I’ve been a fan of Ted McKeever’s ever since my pal Jan Strnad handed me an ashcan of Eddy Current #1. Now Ted’s got a new book coming out this week, Mondo #1, from Image Comics. Daniel Elkin at Comics Bulletin likes it: "McKeever is in fine form once again on this series."

Jerry’s House of Everything is looking forward to China Mieville’s take on Dial H For Hero. Jerry’s not the only one.

MTV Geek gets all geeky over Boom!’s Adventure Time #1 by Ryan North and artists Shelli Paroline & Brendan Lamb.

Arcana Comics has announced a pact with Benderspink to create a new comics imprint that could be fun.

King Features’ editor Brendan Buford welcomes Terry Beatty as the new artist on the Sunday Phantom strip.

Lots of folks have caught this already, but it’s worth spreading. There’s a new blog devoted to Screwball Comics like those done by Bill Holman, Gene Ahern and others. This is worth a bookmark!

The blog i09 remembers a comic book I was responsible for: Ape Nation, a team-up of Alien Nation and Planet Of The Apes!

Paul O’Connor at Longbox Graveyard writes about his experience trying to sift through the Ultraverse’s Steve Gerber’s notes while working on a fill-in issue script for Sludge.

Now go forth and use your internets responsibly!

[Artwork: The Walking Dead Volume 1: Days Gone Bye (top); Mondo #1 by Ted McKeever (bottom)]



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