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Friday October 22, 2010 10:50 pm

Weekend Reading: Sherlock, Gardner Fox, Atlas Comics and Watchmen

Sherlock HolmesIt’s all over the internets that the acclaimed business site iCV2 has invoked the “suck” word to describe direct market comic book orders for Q3 2010.

Offering your captive audience books they don’t want and prices they can’t afford no longer seems to be a viable strategy. What lessons will anyone take away from this? Cue another Metamorpho relaunch in 3...2...1...

Let’s see what else is out on the internets...

Gardner Fox: The prolific writer is said to have written more that 4000 comic book stories. He co-created The Sandman, created the concept of Earth-2, wrote Batman, Hawkman, The Flash, Justice Society of America and many, many more. He also had a career as a writer of many so-called “sleaze” paperbacks. Paul Bishop has a nice look at a bunch of them. So many of them in fact, that you might think of the author more as “Gardner Foxy.”

Atlas Comics: Scoop has the scoop on the new revival titles from Ardden. Hint: one of them is Wulf The Barbarian!

Naked Girls: I’m sure when this costume competition from Westercon 1972 was done, the girls involved thought they might be showing off for just a small group of sci-fi fans. That’s not how the internets roll, though. Aside from the full-frontal nudity, I thought the guy who played the “Preacher” did some nice stuntwork. The link is safe-for-work but won’t be when you click on the video.

Bid: Own a piece of comic book history when the opening page of Watchmen drawn by Dave Gibbons goes up for auction at the end of November.

Soldier Zero: The first of Stan Lee’s Boom! Studios comics, written by Paul Cornell, is out now and NewsOK’s Matthew Price writes about it.

Red: At Early Word, Librarian Robin Brenner gives out the Dewey Decimal perspective on Warren Ellis and Cully Hamner’s Red.

Mass Debate: I love the ongoing debate between print cartoonists and web cartoonists. You can find a nice dose of it in the comments of this post at The Daily Cartoonist.

Firebreather: I ran into Philip Hester at CCI: San Diego this year and he mentioned that Cartoon Network was working on Firebreather, a movie based on his indie comic with Andy Kuhn. Here’s more info from Kuhn himself.

Jack Kirby: I love this old cover of Amazing Heroes, listed here as “The worst cover-coloring error in the history of comics?”

And finally, the new Sherlock Holmes series, Sherlock!, from the BBC makes its debut this weekend on your local PBS affiliate as part of Mystery! This is PBS's version of event programming and from all accounts it's well worth watching. With Benedict Cumberbatch as the World's Greatest Detective, the new series was created by Steven Moffat (Dr. Who; Coupling) and Mark Gatiss (Dr. Who; The League of Gentlemen) and that alone gets me in my favorite chair. I've already set the DVR for anticipated multiple viewings.

Now, go and enjoy your internets responsibly.

[Artwork: Sherlock, ©BBC]



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