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Monday March 21, 2011 3:11 am

Top 10 Things Overheard @ C2E2

Green Lantern C2E2The comic book convention season is in full swing, and that was never more apparent than this weekend in Chicago for C2E2.

Comic fans, cosplayers, celebrities, editors, artists and writers all gathered in a giant nerdpile of awesomeness.

And whenever all those things get together, a lot of chatter is going to take place. Here then are the Top Ten Things We Overheard at C2E2 2011:

10. "That new Wonder Woman costume is epic!"

9. "That new Wonder Woman costume sucks!"

8. "Wasn't C2E2 R2D2's wife?"

7. "This sure smells like San Diego!"

6. "This is really nice carpeting. What? I'm just sayin'!"

5. "At home I can follow Bendis on Twitter. Here I can actually follow Bendis!"

4. "I just saw Wizard World Chicago crying in the bathroom."

3. "He pulls a knife, you pull adamantium claws. That's 'The X-Men Chicago Way,' bub."

2. "Libya, shmibya – I think that's Eliza Dushku!"

And the #1 thing overheard at C2E2 this year:

1. "This ain't Rosemont!"

[Artwork: Green Lantern, © DC Comics]



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