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Thursday October 25, 2012 1:11 am

The Walking Dead: Season 3 So Far!

The Walking Dead Season 3

Of all the great horror icons - Frankenstein's monster, vampires, mummies and Black Lagoon creatures - my favorites are zombies.

I was a kid when I discovered that comics were forbidden to use the word "zombie" if they wanted the Comics Code Authority's Seal of Approval (so Marvel revived an old Robert E. Howard word "Zuvembie" as a workaround). So it should be no surprise that I’ve loved me some Walking Dead ever since the first comic appeared on the stands. I’m a sucker for horror comics and it hit me at just the right time. Also, Kirkman was telling his horrific story in a very intriguing way - bad stuff was happening, characters you liked were going to die, and it was hard to peg just where it was all going.

(Spoilers after the jump!)

I loved it. And so I tuned in to watch the series and have not been disappointed. I was worried when Frank Darabont got the boot, but the show has actually improved and keeps me on the edge of my seat. (I’ve given up trying to find the places where the show differs from the comics; I’m obsessive but not compulsive.)

Good stuff, and I haven’t missed either of Season 3’s new episodes, and had some thoughts to share:

1. The burn pile of zombies is looking to be huge in week 3

2. Carl will shoot anyone who turns into a zombie or may even be thinking about it. Did you see the way he was looking at Hershel?

3. BAM! Rick is not taking crap from anyone.

4. Unless you saw one of your friends kill that zombie, go ahead and kill the one slouched against the wall.

5. Maybe it’s just me but I wouldn’t walk around with a zombie on a leash, armless or otherwise.

6. Zombies in riot gear? Exceptional idea! Great visuals.

7. If I wasn’t killing zombies, scrounging for food or on the run, I’d spend all my spare time sharpening sticks to stab zombies.

8. Don’t mess with the guy with a crossbow. He’s totally a guy you want watching your back.

9. “Prison Riot” is not a good zombie fighting style.

10. Seriously, have those guys in prison never seen a zombie movie before?

Looking forward to episode 3!

[Artwork: The Walking Dead]



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