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Friday October 24, 2008 1:37 pm

Review of DC Comics Superman: New Krypton

Posted by David Torres Categories:

New Krypton

Great start to this new storyline.  I finished reading “New Krypton” right after I finished reading the latest issue of “Final Crisis” and it was like a breath of fresh air.  I could actually understand what was going on and enjoy the story.

I haven’t enjoyed James Robinson’s run on “Superman” so far and I was going to drop it, but with this new storyline, I’ll be staying on.  New Krypton will be going through the two main Superman titles as well as “Supergirl”.  I’m not happy about collecting an extra series like Supergirl for this storyline and the foreseeable future as the Superman titles along with Supergirl will act together as one long ongoing storyline.  For you newbies, this was also done during the 90s. 

It’s interesting that 22 years ago during the original Crisis, DC was very firm on wanting to make Superman the true last survivor of Krypton.  Now within the past few years we have Krypto, Supergirl, and the City of Kandor back in current continuity.  I don’t see the residents of Kandor being around permanently.  Superman wouldn’t be all that super and special if there were a hundred other Kryptonians running around.  From some of the hints dropped in the story, some of them may prove to be difficult.  The question is, do the writers of the Superman titles kill the citizens of Kandor or do they get shrunk back down and bottled up like in Pre-Crisis continuity.

I was never a Superman guy.  To me, Batman is cooler and more interesting.  However, I do appreciate a good Superman story and so far things are looking up for Superman. 



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